Why is it that I throw harder on flat ground?

I’ve been pitching now for a couple years, and i’ve talked w/ some college coaches. They seem to think that I’d make the team easily and that I may be able to reach really high levels if I continue to work at it…the problem I have is that I can throw much harder on flat ground (86-87 mph consistently) and w/ just a small step (not a running crow hop), but on a mound its more like 82-84. I would like to be able to bring that speed up, but I think more than anything, I have a problem striding and gaining momentum on that slope, it almost feels like i’m falling instead of gliding into the target.

Any suggestions or things to look for? coughRogercough

Work on throwing downhill(?)

Because I haven’t done that in the past few years


It sounds like you just aren’t comfortable enough going down the hill. Maybe you timing is a bit off. This would indicate you simply need more practice throwing on a mound.

This could also be a strength issue. It takes more leg strength for the front leg to firm up and brace when moving faster down the hill. It also takes more strength in the low back to decelerate trunk flexion and in the backside of the shoulder to decelerate the arm. These parts of the body will also accelerate more moving downhill with gravity assist.

Of course, you could also have some mechanical differences as well. Post some video so we can take a look.

It’s a little strange, since most pitchers find the opposite to be true – I always threw harder off a mound than flat-ground. The higher the bump, the better :slight_smile:

But like Roger said, video can get us all on the same page and working constructively to help fix your situation.

I’m having this same problem, I should have a video up today.

How much flat ground throwing do you do and how does that compare to mound throwing frequency? I agree with Roger that you may just need to practice that skill more than you do now. Timing elements and positioning will be different from one to the other

this “small” step you say could be all the difference.

When I played, the mound was higher than it is now—it used to be about 15 inches, give or take an inch. I used to do both—work on something on flat ground, then take the mound and throw from there. Balance was never a problem for me, because I was a sidearmer who used a slide-step all the time. You might try working in increments, going from flat ground to a couple of inches high and then increasing it until you get to the ten or so inches in height that mounds are nowadays. 8)

Ye I am having genrally the same problem. It feels like mine is 10-15mph slower though…