Why is it so great?

I didn’t know were to post this so I put it here. What makes pitching and baseball so interesting to you. Here is my answer.

Pitching is interesting because you always got to go out and prove something not just to other people but to yourself. It is fun because when you get a guy down o-2 and he has no clue what to look for, he doesn’t know if I’m throwing a fastball, curve, or change. IT is great because of the way you always have to focus, because if you don’t you could hang one down the middle and that could be the game. But what makes baseball the best sport in my mind is the way that any team can win at any time. That no lead is safe and if you don’t hustle on any given play it could mean the game. Those are some of the reasons why baseball is so great to me.

Seeing the dazed look on a batter when he sees my k-ball for the first time.

K-Curve is > than k-ball


i love having the 0-2 count and just pushin a curve by there head while they back out it breaks right down the middle of the plate…buckking their knees is one of my favorites

GO CUBBIES!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I use baseball as a stress reliever. Other than the i love (like Pustulio) to watch the face of the hitter after i release the Kball onto them.

I use baseball for compittion and I love the sport because it’s fun.

The best thing is when I strike someone out there walk back to the dugout with a mad face.

My favorite thing about pitching is being completely backwards in my pitch selection… I throw everything in “wrong counts”. For instance, in the semi-finals i started a kid with 2 sliders, both swing and misses, then 0-2 I painted him away with a fastball he took looking for strike 3… Man do I love backwards K’s…

I’m ultra competitive, and baseball is a great way to show that. I always want to be better than the other guys, always want to be ahead. And stay ahead. It drives me to practice, workout and train every chance I get so I know I’m that much better than the last time I picked up a baseball. It’s also a great stress reliever. Besides that, I plan on making a living throwing a baseball someday. :smiley: