Why Is Cockiness, Emotion and Non-Chalantness Encouraged?

So, pretty much I already dislike the coach who took over after our coach Ross died last year. Mostly because even though he was asked to help all the time he wouldn’t do it until the spotlight was on him to fully take over.

I disagree with a lot of his decisions, he does stupid things like bunt when we were down 7 runs, batting some of our worst batters 2nd, pitching a kid for 7 innings immediately following a day where he threw 6.1 innings and the list goes on.

This year a bunch of the high school athletes finally decided to come out and play legion ball (remember H.S. ball doesn’t exist in Wyoming) and I don’t have a problem with them playing at all because it really helps our defense and team as a whole. But now some of these kids will show up to a game without ever having been to a practice all year and start behind the plate or at 3rd when some of the younger guys who show up every day and work their tails off or the other older guy on my team (19 and in college but still eligible because of birthdate) who works his tail off sit on the bench all game.

Okay, maybe the more athletic guys really do give us a better chance to win in spite of the fact that if it weren’t for some of the guys on the bench the program wouldn’t have survived last year. But what’s killing me is this guy preaches to us to be classy and shut our mouths but this kid 16 year old first year kid is suddenly like his second son. I understand favorites will be played no matter where you go in life but holy cow, I didn’t think it would go the point of opposing your own teachings.

This kid almost started a brawl last Saturday because he mouths off to the other team on the mound, throws at people (one of which is one of my friends on a rival team) and shows no class, let’s his emotions show on the field (he gave the suck it sign to someone after striking them out) and then he shows almost zero effort out on the field, doesn’t bother to try and make a play if it won’t be easy. And this new coach openly encourages him, tells him it’s okay and in fact tells him to keep playing that way. In fact it’s gotten to the point where this kid does nothing but mouth off to the older team mates at our team meetings and movie nights but nobody will do anything about it because coach is so in love with him that we’ll be the ones getting punished for it.

I understand wanting your guys to play with confidence and everything but this is baseball, it’s not about fighting with the other team and running your mouth. The game is supposed to be about hard work, integrity and using logic rather than emotion. It’s okay to have emotion even but it doesn’t need to show on the field. I’m sick of this attitude, it doesn’t feel like baseball when we almost get in a bench clearing brawl everytime we play.

I don’t mean to be a whiner or a complainer but I just needed to get this out. I can’t believe how this attitude and classnesness is being condoned rather than shunned. I definitely think attitude and confidence has it’s place but there’s a line between that and emotion and cockiness and the encouragement of giving the suck it sign and making smart @$$ remarks to everyone who gets on base has been crossed. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about this, since I am not a coach.

Oh, Pustulio…you’re really up against it, aren’t you?
I’ve seen this in the majors all too often—managers who think they know it all, who play favorites with one or another on the team, who shoot off their big yaps—and who lose games. This coach whom you dislike so intensely reminds me of one such major league manager—Chuck Dressen, who managed the Dodgers back in the day and who thought he knew everything there was to know about pitching when the fact was that you could put his “knowledge” on the head of a straight pin such as is used in sewing and have a lot of room left over. Remember the playoff series between the Giants and the Dodgers? Remember how Dressen really screwed the pooch when he changed pitchers in the ninth inning of that third game? Well, maybe this was before your time, but if you’ve ever read the details you know.
I can only offer this one piece of advice—don’t give your blankety-blank-blank coach the right time if his watch stops. When you get into the game, just play your game in the best way you know how and get your teammates to do the same, and if this guy doesn’t like it, well, too bad for him. I remember one time when Ed Lopat told me that he could write a book on “How Not To Coach”—I’ll bet he would include this and other coaches as prime examples, were he still with us.
Anyhoo, hang in there—and keep throwing that knuckleball! :slight_smile: