Why dont all pitchers just copy Tim Lincecums mechanics?

I mean, obviously the kid is doing something right and uses the body in the absolute best possible way to throw the ball… If he didnt there was no way he would be able to throw as hard as he does. I dont see why everyone just dont copy his pitching mechanics… any thoughts?
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I’ve tried it just didn’t feel comfortable to me

if only it was that easy, tim lincecum is all genetics

To be honest to throw the way he does you have to start young… his dad brought him up wanting him a throw a certain way so he trained his body to pitch like that. Unfortunetly nott every dad or coach teaches the same way. But in reality I mean you can get the same result with much different mechanics. and if every player did the same thing it would take uniqueness out of the game.

We have a winner.

I actually did some experimenting with Lincecum’s mechanics into my own. About the only thing I incorporated was the way he twists his back/hips during his leg kick. I don’t know if you know what I’m refering to. I have been practicing this for only about two weeks, and it has been into a net from about 15-20 ft, I think. This being said, I am basing it on feel, rather than actually knowing whether or not it is working. It was also for 60 pitches, weighted ball training, 3 times a week. And it was also on flat ground.

For the first week, I felt this amazing explosiveness from my hips. However, I did find that if there was an instant in which I broke eye contact with the cross-section of duct-tape that I use for a target, the ball would be about 3 feet away (and remember the target is only about 15-20 ft. away). Also, during the rotation during the leg kick, I felt a slight pull in my left glute. It wasn’t painful, but I won’t call it gentle. It felt kinda like stretching. Also, my stride felt a few inches longer.

During the second week, I felt equally explosive whether using my modified style, or my usual wind-up. So I am no longer toying with this anymore. I wasn’t feeling the vague “tightness” in my left glute during the leg kick of the modified style.Also, I pitch before I lift, and I decided to take this week as a max test. Wednesday, I did max DL, then Friday, I max Squatted, so I do not know if that Wednesday lift had any relation to Friday’s session, but I’m unsure.

However, I am hoping to pitch a bullpen tomorrow and toy with the different mechanics. Also it will be on a mound, 60 ft away, with just a 5oz ball. And I’m hoping an actual catcher. Maybe get some vids.

Well that’s my two cents. Possibly even a nickel…

he started young and he trained his body to throw like that (muscle memory)

Lincecum is a giant fast twitch muscle. From the stuff people talk about that he is capable of, back flips, walking on hands, good sprinter, it is clear he has a way better genetic makeup for the motion he uses.

I really dont think his mechanics are that productive. The amount of effort he puts into his delivery versus the mph when compared to some other pitchers seems with alot less effort makes it seem like there is actually wasted energy. Also I will be curious to see how will he pitch when he crosses the age of 35.

I know his legion coach (coached him in his 18 yo summer league for a couple of years). His nickname for him was “gumby”. Lincecum not only produces power with that delivery, but fear. Bottom line is that not everyone can or should use his mechanics, and even it they would work with anyone, can you imagine trying to teach that???. Marshal would have some company in MLBs doghouse!


Can you tell me why you think this? Compared to a pitcher of what size? Imagine if Lincecum was 6’10" like Randy Johnson. Are you saying he won’t throw harder? Are you saying if Randy Johnson had his explosiveness and mechanics he couldn’t throw 100+?

In order to throw had you must throw hard. Can you define a “standard delivery”?

IMO the jury is still out on TL. In my mind one year isn’t a career (Going by that gauge Mark Prior was superman) and I suspect if he is arm injured in any way the whole tide of folks that think it’s great how much power he brings will turn into another choir of preachers talking about how he’s the poster child for poor mechs. It is interesting to me that though he’s been in the league for a long time…no one talks about Billy Wagners power/mechs in the way that TL is discussed. Why not emulate him? Or how about if you want 20 years of making 10 mill or better, we all get on Chris O’Leary’s bandwagon and throw like the Great Greg. No two bodies are the same, no two mechs are the same. I asked Nyman once about his using TL as an example (I was curious because to me, his mechs are unique) and he said that he wasn’t advocating a cookie cutter approach, but that he (TL) gets his stuff moving in a very forceful, well displayed manner towards home…and he’s topical.

Well I guess a standard delivery would not include jumping off the mound. I think billy wagner gets just about as much bang for his buck and pedro martinez and his brother both did well to produce alot of velocity with " a standard delivery" and very light frames. Tom gordon was only 5’9 and thats stretching it. Yet he consistantly was in the middle to high ninties.

All I was saying is it is clear he is putting an exceptional amount of energy into his delivery when compared with other pitchers and only coming out a couple miles ahead of some of them. Im my very inexperienced opinion it looks like alot of effort thats all.

TL may only net a few extra MPH with his mechanics vs. those with “traditional” mechanics but he also releases the ball quite a bit closer to home plate as a result of his momentum. The total reduction in batter response time is reduced by both increased velocity and a release point that’s closer to home. I’d say it’s pretty significant.

I would like to say when the rumours of him coming to Toronto were circulating I was happy, I am a fan.

The original post was why doesnt everybody just use TL mechanics. We can talk about the merits of each kind of delivery forever. At the end of the day I must simply concede he is somewhat of a genetic and athletic freak and probably better left unduplicated.

That would be why copying Tim would not be a good idea in my humble opinion.