Why does this happen when im pitching?

Hi I’m Branden, 13 years old. I thought you’d find this interesting to look at and inform me of what exactly is happening. My coach is wanting me to stay tall instead of being as low as i am in the picture soon below. I have some downward action on the ball but i’m not having that much. Also i am having some control problems here and there but i think with a tweak in my mechanics i know i can have much faster velocity and much better control. By the way i pitch around mid-seventies. Looking forward to pitching much faster.

i stay tall when lifting my leg as of this picture:

same thing as i am separating my hands and going torward home plate but one i start my stride i get down really low and looks as if i’m lunging and when i’m finishing i usually leave a huge mark on the mound because my foot drags and i’m thinking its because i’m to low? Can you guys give me any help based on these pictures? Thanks, Branden.

this one is most recent as of 4/25/10

and this was 4/18/10 then here is just 2 other ones

Branden—have you ever seen Randy Johnson pitch? Or C.C. Sabathia? Those two power pitchers—and they are just two of many—have always stood tall on the mound, and when delivering the pitch they do, or have done, always with the arm action. Your coach is absolutely right; you need the leverage, and you’re certainly not going to get it if you shrink down to the size of a tadpole in your delivery.
You need to do one thing that I picked up on years ago. You have to get your whole body into the action—drive off the lower half of the body, using your legs, hips and torso in one continuous (and seamless) motion—and this is how you will generate the power behind your pitches, not to mention taking a lot of pressure off your arm and shoulder. It takes some work—when I saw how the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation did this, I made a note of it and I realized that this would not be easy, but as I practiced this absolutely essential aspect of good mechanics I found that I could throw harder and faster with less effort. You can do it too.
And don’t worry about leaving marks on the mound—a lot of pitchers do it. It’s just part of their delivery, and no one pays attention to it except the groundskeepers! Just stand tall on the mound—and throw strikes.


If you can, post some video… it’s almost impossible to give mechanical advice from still pictures; pitching is about proper sequencing and the only way to determine the timing of your delivery is to view it in real time video.

The 3rd picture shows your stride leg bent more than 90 degrees (i.e. less than 90 degree angle on the back side of the knee). That is a weak position and dropping that much reduces the whipping effect that you to create.

I don’t see anything else wrong in the other pictures except maybe a posture issue.

Wow, grow a mustache and twist it up some and you would be a spitting image of Rolly Fingers. How far out is your stride?