Why do you play?

Today a friend asked me why I play baseball, why I sacrifice nearly my whole freetime for that sport.
I said “Well, I like baseball” but he wasn’t satisfied with that answer, and asked “No, for real, there has to be something more” We stood there for about the next five minutes in silence. I then started to smile and said: "Baseball is… everything for me. It is not about getting lots of money, it is a completely different point. 4 years ago I started playing baseball, and at first I thought it would be similar to every other sport… just a freetime activity. But it turned out into something way more. I know exactly what to do on the field, it is like a 6th sense, a second home(more like the first one). I do completely forget about all my problems, my worries, I forget about everything else, about the fans, about the number of my jersey. I play for the team, not for myself… it is about the teammates you play with, people who exactly feel the way you do, who don’t care where you come from, who just want to play some ball.
And then I slowly developed a thought, a dream. How about practicing, so you become better, and better and better. Then you don’t have to stop dreaming this dream, you can continue playing, you don’t have to do anything else besides playing baseball. You would play with people who are just like you, who want to fullfill their dream.
I am giving up my freetime for that sport, because I want to live my dream. It’s the most important thing in my life, it is more than school, more than finding a nice girlfriend, it is more…"
and my friend stared at me, for a minute or two, slowly starting to grin, then gave me a hug and wished me luck and success.

So that is my story, that is why I play baseball, how about you?

By the way, I hope my english isn’t too bad, my name should tell you where I come from :wink:

Your English is way better than my German…even though my maternal great grandfather came from Germany.

This is the essence of the game…what it is in its simplest form. All else comes from this truth. This is true for those who watch and those who play and those who write about those who watch and those who play.

I used to play in my young days, and if anybody asked me why I played baseball, I had a simple answer: “For the love of the game.” It’s that simple. I fell in love with the game, and I got into playing, and I played for two decades until my work schedule caught up with me and I lost my free weekends. Now, at the age of 74, I look back on those days, on the games I pitched and won, on my overall experiences, and I smile and even laugh. I still love the game. :slight_smile:

the answer is because you’re a real ballplayer. ballplayers have to play the game. it’s almost an addiction.

It’s like a drug to me. It’s my escape from all of the social pressures in my life. I just have a passion for it, always had, always will.