Why do we have a wind up and leg kick?

So I am making positive strides so far this season, 85mph on a 2 seam with a sore arm.

But I think this is happening bc i changed from landing on my heal to landing on the inside part of the stride foot, kinda flat footed. Shorten my stride some, so when my front foot hits the ground and I am planted, my back toe is on the rubber so say, shoe laces down. I can seriously feel the difference in power when getting that front foot down before driving forward.

My question is, is the leg kick simply for momentum? Can we throw just as hard/fast if we stride out, get balanced, and rock back then throw?

Not everybody pitches from a windup and/or uses a leg kick. Don Larsen had a no-windup motion, and look what he did in the 1956 World Series. It’s often a matter of preference, what the pitcher feels comfortable with. When I was pitching I used a modified slide-step all the time because I found that it gave me more speed—more momentum—in my delivery, and because I worked fast the batters never had time to set themselves! By the way, you did a smart thing, switching from landing on the heel to landing on the ball of the foot; that in itself gives you more momentum, more propulsion in delivering the ball to the plate, and that would result in increased velocity. Good for you. 8) :baseballpitcher: