Why do MLBers use molded cleats?

Anyone got the answer? Not all of them use, but I’ve always wondered this

It probably gives them more traction in dryer infields. I usually see metal cleats worn in wet infields or during rainy weather. Also some guys have foot or lower leg conditions and the molded bottom gives more cushion. It’s just personal preference I guess.

Actually, it’s more than personal preference. Some of the major league fields still use the artificial turf, and it can be hazardous if the players try to use the usual metal cleats on their shoes. The molded ones provide better protection from slips and falls and (horrors!) assorted ouchies that often result. So you’ll find that the major league players have two sets of baseball shoes—traditional ones for traditional grass fields, and molded ones for that miserable artificial turf. Even the so-called hybrid playing fields can pose a problem.

Ha I was watching Vilone for the Cardinals, and Thompson throwing but Villone had shoes on and went to throw one and slipped and fell strait back launching it over Thompons head. I had to laugh for a second to see a pro do that.

I wear molded. Both our middle infielders wear them and kinda got me turned to them. I noticed they are MUCH lighter and dont tend to get clogged up with grass, mud, ect. Another thing i liked is that I was able to find them in styles that are much lower and gives my ankles more bend (Im a submariner so I bend alot). They also break in much quicker.

Yeah, you guys hit it. Because MLB fields are so well manicured, the molded cleats are just more comfortable and a little lighter. So position players wear them – usually infielders.

Pitchers should always wear metal, though.

I think pitchers use molded cleats because they don’t need to really move around much. They don’t need the metal spikes on that mound. I think its more useful in the out field in grass.

But I could be wrong…

IT depends on their field…if they feel they can move faster or better they use those. Example Padres Kevin Kouzmanoff uses Nike MCS plastic because they dont “bend” as much as the metals when u round a base.

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Not sure what size your feet are, but based on your response, I would guess your feet are size 12 or smaller. If you or one of your players did happen to have large size feet you would be gracious for my post.

Not sure what age group you coach, but I know of countless guys who have had to forgo Baseball/Softball for at least a season and some who even lost their jobs simply because they had no access to the right footwear.
This is a problem that 99% of the world takes for granted. Most people care about what affects them, and usually what affects others is not of any concern. If you had thousands of stores with your size in stock why would you care? In Minnesota (home of mall of America) there are less than half a dozen stores where I can walk in and try on shoes. None, I repeat none of those stores except XLfeet have more than just a couple pair if they have any at all in size 16. I might add zero of those stores have ever nor plan to offer cleats in large sizes!

You are the 1st coach I have come across who wasn’t excited to have another resource for their players, and I am perplexed to say the least.

I have no ill words for you, and want to wish you the best!

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I think it is important to point out that the engineering and design of the Molded Cleats of today is far superior to that of yesterday. It is also important to acknowledge that baseball is a game of tradition, and Metal Cleats, for better or worse, are part of that tradition. Aside from the obvious advantages of comfort (and durability), the Molded cleats are permanently affixed to the sole of the shoe. Because todays Molded cleats are made from a superior plastic, they can be worn on any surface including concreate without wearing down. There is a slight edge to Metal in the event play occurs on a muddy or wet field. In this instance, Metal will hold a slight advantage. However, considering baseball is a Spring sport, the Molded cleat is the way to go. My son has both, plays shortstop/pitcher on his HS team, and only wears his Molded Cleats. I asked him why, and he said when he is on deck in the batters box, the last thought he needs is that his feet are feeling a little uncomfortable. Out of curiosity I checked his other teammates; and the majority are wearing Molded as well. When I asked a few of them, their response was that there is no clear advantage of one over the other, however, the molded are far more comfortable and durable.