Why do i throw so slow now

Im 16 years old junior in high school, lefthander, 6’2 190 lbs, bench 235 sqaut 285, deadlift 330.
During the fall season I was throwing good, 79-81 arm felt alive and great. Now I’m barely pitching 65-70 mph. I legit can not move my arm fast at all anymore it sucks, when I do dry throws with no baseball, i move my arm pitifully slow, back during the fall season, when I did dry throws, my arms was moving fast as hell. Now my arm is just constricted, not loose, and slow as hell. Is this from the weight training? Because i only weighed 180 when I was throwing fast.

Another thing, my arm hurts really bad whenever I throw as well as throwing really slow, I think im not pronating after my pitches now and that is what is causing it to hurt.I also think my arm action is really out of whack, could you guys give me info on what arm action is suppose to look like? and where did the articles go on this website? all those helpful articles that helped with your mechanics? where did those go?

See your doc asap. The same thing happened to me, I was sitting mid 80’s and one day my arm felt terrible and velo dropped to mid - high 70’s. Found out it was Tommy John. Praying that isn’t the case for you brotha.

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Damn, that might be it, but I dont think so, because I’ve had this feeling before, where I was throwing really slow and my arm hurt alot when I throw, but then my velo came back and I was fine no pain, and now my arm is back to hurting again. The difference is that right now, my arm action feels retarded, I feel like im throwing in a weird way thats causing it to hurt, but back when I threw good it felt like I had my natural arm slot and wasn’t trying to force anything. I’m gunna get a video of my arm action and post it here.

Not saying it is or isn’t Tommy John, but if you’re heavy into weight lifting this could be the cause. I’ve never heard of volosity dropping off that much. I’ve known a lot of kids in high school that play football along with baseball and the football weight lifting program is not even close to what you’re looking for as a pitcher. Pitchers need to be strong but flexible. If you’ve added enough muscle and bulk you could have very well move your natural arm slot. Bulk doesn’t equal volosity. Core strength and flexibility is what a pitcher needs.

thats what I think I’ve done, I think I have changed my natural arm slot…How do I get it back?

Personally, if you were my son my advice would be, get off the weights!!! Long toss is great but IMO it’s should be done only at a distance that you can throw the ball on a rope so to say. Meaning don’t throw so far away that you have to elevate it like a rainbow. talk to the baseball coach ( high school/ travel ) that you trust most. Let them help you find an experienced trainer that will work on core strength and flexibility. Even your high school trainer can give you drills and exercises on flexibility. Band work, band work & more band work! I know it’s cool to go in and max out in front of the guys but that’s for football guy not pitcher. My son used to play on teams were kids were splitting time of football and baseball, I’ve personally seen it on so many kids. Their arms get stiff and they have no take back or extension, it’s like they are short arming when they pitch.

@jwhite don’t listen to this guy.

A guy would have to get very big to get stiff from lifting.
Things like squats can help with range of motion (and stability) while increasing strength.
The kids that were pushing the ball were probably pushing the ball because that is how they throw or from a lack of throwing.

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In no disrespect, what bad advice are you reading? Just curious as to your input?

This is something I’ve seen kids develop. Most of what I’ve seen are kids my son has grow up with playing ball. I’ve watched them develop a push.

I believe you.
Just as a functional thing, how the arm works when throwing, a guy would have to get pretty muscle bound to really affect how they are throwing. Pitchers that weight train (which is to say most guys playing at a high level) will lift fairly heavy, including bench (either barbell or dumb bell) ect. What you won’t see is guys doing “bro” work outs…curls to get big biceps for example.
I would suspect someone “developing” a push in their throwing motion has more to do with how they throw the ball. They may have always pushed the ball or they may have develop bad habits by not throwing a lot (playing multiple sports).
But, no matter the cause, proper lifting is not going to cause a guy problems. If fact, it is going to do a lot more good for them than bad.

Take it easy. This has been a solid discussion. Let’s stay focused on the discussion, not the individual.

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I guess without saying it very well that is my point. From his original post he’s saying he added 10lbs of weight,. Muscles or just natural growth? , I don’t know. When I say “get off the weights”, ( again that not saying it very well )that is until he can find an experienced person to help him develop a program to show him what lifting he needs to do. When I say football work outs I’m talking just bulking up biceps and all. The lifting you’re referencing is what I call “core strength workouts” and I believe he should seek advice as to what those might be. In my honest opinion though I don’t believe any kid under 18 should EVER be maxing out on weight or lift unsupervised. It should be more about high reps not max weight. Again just my opinion.

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Starting Strength by Rippitoe is a great starter program. Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press. Quick progression and a real focus on technique.


Nuff said.

Stay off bench, shrugs, dips and push press they’re terrible for your shoulders, especially as a pitcher. And you’ll start to lose flexibility and rotation in your shoulders if you continue and then you will just see your velocity start to drop.

Check out the TreadAthletics video on arm action. Thank me later

Any update on what happened? I’m going through the same thing right now. I was throwing mid 70s but then my deltoids and forearm have been hurting and my velo dropped to 67-70. I’m going to see a doctor soon