Why do coaches tell u to do this

y do coaches say to bring ur arm up like this?.. isnt that bad arm action?

we actually do this same drill during warm-ups… i throw 3/4 and my coaches are trying to get me to throw overhead… hmm

yea, but arent u sposed to have ur elbow below ur shoulder at that point in ur delivery rather than like that

Yea that is what I have always heard… But maybe some of the more experienced guys will pitch in…

It’s nothing more than conventional wisdom. It’s been passed down from generation to generation and said so many times that people tend to just accept it. :roll: But you are correct to question it.

I question the whole value of this drill, period. He speaks of working on your release point but he’s about 15 ft. away from his target. The release point here has nothing to do with the one you’ll need when standing up and throwing at a different distance and at a different effort level. Too many differences.

Then, he speaks of how you don’t want any lateral movement of the torso but when you actually pitch, you’re faced with actually standing up and moving your body forward. Stopping lateral torso movement then is an entirely different challenge than doing it on your knees. A radically different skill that the body needs to work on. Questionable value.

Roger’s bang on when he says it’s “convential wisdom passed on”.

Some coaches have a different goals than pitchers. They want pitchers that throw strikes and see throwing over the top as the best route for this since the ball moves less.-every coach hates walks. Most of these guys also like "hard throwers. "

If you are not overpowering, throwing over the top is probably not for you. 3/4’s will give you better sink on your fastball and better movement on your change -up. It will also give you more lateral movement on your curve. Think about how you get outs, if you are getting them out by getting batters to tap to the right side, you might need to change schools or teams if the coach persists with his “over the top” stuff.


My coach is one of the groundball coaches… the ones who try to get there pitching to throw low so the batter hits groundballs

hmm, cant say why he would want over the top???

You seem to be on the right track if you are throwing 3/4’s with 2 seam, 4 seam, 1 to 7 curve ( I am not a big fan of the 2 to 8 slurve) and a change up.

If you are the throwing a circle change you might consider turning it over a little to get some more sink into it. You as a pitcher will have many “battles” with the umpire about where a low strike is located. Ultimately you want the batters to have to go golfing, they of course want the ball brought up higher where they can get a better look.

You might try leading off with the change up low and in followed by a 2 seamer low and in. The first pitch might get them to tap to the left side of the infield while the second might “jam job” them into taping to the right side. (You can keep your 4 seamer in reserve for a big strike 3 up or the 1 to 7 curve). By occassionally leading off with a change up for a low strike you begin to own the lower part of the plate without undue risk since you have already messed with the batters timing.

This type of pitching does not rack up strike outs, it does rack up wins (if your team can field). Ian.