Why can't i throw the ball straight?

This is getting really annoying. My ball has WAY to much movement on it and i don’t even know what i am doing. BTW, i DO throw pretty hard when my ball is actually straight.

i throw a standard 4-seam fastball

the grip of the ball isnt always an issue. 4sewam and 2seam can move just as much. the 2seam has a bit more downward action which makes it a 2 dimmension ^pitch. your problem is either coming from your arm angle, 3/4 to underhand get a lot of movement on their pitches, or your finger pressure and pronation of your hand.

As someone who gets a lot of movement as well, I think you should look at your arm action. If you notice that your arm is going 3/4 or sidearm or even nearly underarm its gonna fly all over the place, in my case UP.

I dont pretend to know anything, that is just my experience.

How long have you been throwing? Because if you’ve grown up with this eratic movement it should be good. If you’ve had this movement on your pitch for a few years now you should have naturally found some sort of equilibrium where you can throw strikes with the movement. I have good natural movement too on my pitches.Mostly a sink and tailing actions but i never really know what its fully gonna do. Sometimes it screwball. sometimes it goes straight. My advice to you is just to throw more. Get used to it , adapt. Natural movment can be a gift in the long run.
Its the difference maker when the batter swings at a 80 mph straight fastballl or an 80 mph movving fastball.

Yeah, I wish I could get more movement, lol. Like GottyJ said, movement isn’t a bad thing if your pitches have always had it. BTW which way do your pitches move? To the left, right, up, or down?

The ball tends to tail and sink at the same time.

Someone also told me that i have a “heavy” ball(whatever that means).

around the same kinda movement as me. Just throw more. gET USED TO IT.

[quote=“smokky1”]This is getting really annoying. My ball has WAY to much movement on it and i don’t even know what i am doing. BTW, i DO throw pretty hard when my ball is actually straight.

i throw a standard 4-seam fastball[/quote]

You are probably accidentally throwing either a slider or a cutter.

Sounds like a slider. That means you’re probably twisting (supinating) your forearm as you release the ball. What you want to do is pronate your forearm through the release point.

Sink is good, assuming you can control it (e.g. turn it on and off if necessary).

Hmmm… what’s you arm angle? Like others have said, if your throwing side armed that may just be the cause. I’ve tried to throw side armed and the same thing happens to me. Make sure not to drop your arm too much because you’ll get that movement. Try and get used one arm slot, so like that you will throw straight.

Certainly not throwing a slider or cutter if the ball is tailing. Pretty normal action, you are just blessed to have a bit more of it. Embrace it and learn to control it as well as you can.

if you want my advise dont try to loose this movement. you’re probably not supinating so there shouldn’t have a problem. people with great movement are pretty rare because they get thought to throw without movement. the hard pârt about it is that when you’ll throw faster your movement will get sharper and very late. if you throw slower you will have a huge break kind of like a screwball. thats why some people will develop some kind of change-up

I see where this particular thread goes back a few years, but the question does come up now and again.
Smokky1—you have a very good sinker, and that is what a “heavy” ball is. Ted Williams once described Spud Chandler as having a very heavy ball—and he had the devil’s own time trying to hit it. Chandler, one of the Yankees’ top pitchers in the late 30s and 40s, was a sinker-slider pitcher, and one of the best. So, if you’ve got a “heavy” ball, make the most of it—a pitch like that gives batters conniption fits!
I don’t think anybody has ever been able to throw a ball perfectly straight; every pitch has a least a little movement on it, so you guys have no cause to complain. You might have reason to worry if you did throw a perfectly straight pitch, because that is what batters are always looking for, something they can really tear into and give a good ride out of the ballpark. But if you are able to get the ball to move one way or another, you’re all right. As for the arm slot—the arm angle—you jujst want to stick with whatever is comfortable for you and what enables you to throw strikes and get those delicious outs. :slight_smile:

my 4-seam fastball accually sinks into a right handed batter.
i have tried different grips and trying to pronate better but its still there and it’s accually helped me a lot.

E above S

If I remember correctly, that means “elbow above shoulder”, and that is bad news indeed. It’s one of those situations wherein the arm is subjected to all kinds of stress and strain, leading to injuries of one kind or another. The ideal is “E=S”—elbow on a level with the shoulder, which provides for good balance and takes a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder. Because I was a natural sidearmer—and a most exasperating and infuriating one—this was a constant for me, elbow on a level with the shoulder, so no strain, no contortions, no twisting this way and that. This guy should work on achieving this balance.
And, as I have said, don’t worry about whether your fast ball or whatever is straight or not—it should have movement on it, which will make it tougher for the batters to get a bead on it. 8) :slight_smile:

My question of you would be, “Why would you want your ball to go straight”? Guys in the bigs work all their pitching lives to get more movement and action on their pitches since it is so much easier to hit a flat and straight pitch. How about working on understanding where your pitches will go so that you have confidence on where to throw them.