Why Can't I gain Velocity

Hi, I’m a 5’8" 170lb. Lefty who at almost 17 years old has sat in the 75-77 range for almost two years now. What is the best way to gain velocity over the offseason in this case? Thanks!

Lift and long toss are the two best ways. There isn’t a special formula that will all of a sudden make you throw gas. Work hard and work smart. There are a bunch of workouts that you could find on this forum or online. Best of luck!

That’s the million dollar question. If anyone knew the true secret to velocity, someone would be very wealthy, and everyone would throw 105 MPH!

I believe velocity is like IQ or musical ability. You’re born with a genetic base and can improve on that base with hard work, to a degree. But if you’re average intelligence, you’re never going to be Einstein. And if you have average musical ability, you’re never going to be Mozart. Likewise, if you’re R.A. Dickey, you’re never going to be Aroldis Chapman.

That said, why don’t you post here some videos of you pitching and perhaps we can spot deficiencies in your delivery that could be hindering your velocity? Being stuck at 75-77 MPH from 15 to 17 years of age sounds like a mechanical problem.

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Theres gas in your ass. Your use lower body and lift heavy. Good luck man