Why are pitchers still using PEDs?


Andrew McKirahan got an 80 game suspension today for using performance enhancing drugs.

Back when I was playing it was a lot more prevelant and pitchers used PEDs to recover faster between performances. Then MLB really started cracking down so it became tougher to get away with it. Plus the penalties are very very high.

Are you surprised we are still talking about PEDs in 2015?


Not surprised in the least.
Its business. There would be a lot of other positive tests (hello NFL) if other leagues implemented real drug testing. Baseball would still have a bigger issue if a bunch of over zealous politicians didn’t busy themselves harking back to some golden age of baseball innocent which never existed.
Any comment about disappointment or judgement is nothing but self serving hypocritical blather if it comes from an owner or a GM. You want to cut use? Shorten the season, expand rosters ect…thats what I thought.
Tired of hearing about this stuff…but it is nothing new and it is not ever going to go away.
You want to see tons of drug use? Go to junior college programs or big high school programs that don’t adhere to drug testing.


Haha love the post fearsomefour. You’re right about this idea that baseball used to be some idyllic, clean game. A great indicator is Ball Four by Jim Bouton. Those guys were popping greenies like it was going out of style for energy and pain relief throughout the marathon that is a baseball season. It’s a tough sport to differentiate yourself in, and extra strength and rehabilitation goes a long way.

You’re also right about drug use at lower levels. I played D3 and know for a fact our stud hitters were getting some help in the weight room. But they mashed and it gave me run support so whatever, right? :smile:


I think it is sad the numbers if guys who are willing to jeapordize their long term health for stuff that, long term, doesn’t amount to much.
My grandfather played in the Cardinals organizations way back when. Bus rides and no air conditioning, now those had to be brutal minor league road trips. Anyway he said uppers, pain pills ect were common place…he said even played with a guy that used morphine due to chronic pain.
My son was at a small school with a very successful football program. He said it is common there too. When a lineman arrives at 210 lbs and nine months later is at 280 lbs without a big fat gain…I can do the math on that one.


It’s the old addage if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

I’m more surprised about how STUPID players are for taking stuff that they should know will cause them to pop positive ie taking Decca and Winstrol rather then taking the new designer drugs that chemists are cooking up to stay ahead of the testers.


I actually had a guy who did this before every single appearance:
Take one can of Fresca, mix in two Fizzies and one tea spoon of Tang

He brought this concoction into the bullpen with him. He swore by it. It gave him a two inning buzz.

To look at the guy when he came back into the dugout was like looking into the eyes of tuning fork. On the other hand, four hours later he would have the worse cramps I’ve every seen a man with along with a burning sensation on both sides of his kidneys.

Some people have to “up” themselves with something besides what they came with. I don’t go along with that - but, knowing the business end of things in way-it-is, the job insecurity and the constant “push” to keep one’s job, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Not one bit. Besides, many of the ballplayers that I met weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, in fact, so many of them were as dumb as a fencepost.


Haha, the eyes of a tuning fork…thats funny.
It is strange the things people will do. When I made my living in the music business…yikes!!