Why am I so inaccurate?

I can’t get the ball anywhere close to where I want it. I can’t hit a fold up chair from around 60 ft away. My throws are sometimes really wild. I feel like my accuracy is not improving at all, even though I throw and pitch every other day. What can I do to be more accurate?

Need some video to have a look…upload it and post a link.

Seems very likely that you’re not being very consistent from pitch to pitch in anything, from your mechanics to your timing. When you warm up playing catch, when you and your partner are the closest together, say 15-20’, can you hit him in the chest every time if you want to? If so, at what distance do you lose that ability?

Here’s a video:

Yeah, but I can’t anywhere further than that.

Pitching accuracy is the result of consistent pitching mechanics. Based on the video, your mechanics are pretty choppy and you are relatively inconsistent with each throw.

You are also throwing off flat ground which is unrealistic to how you would throw in an actual game. Flat ground accuracy and mechanics are usually worse then throwing off a game mound.

From a technical standpoint: your drive leg is collapsing way over your drive foot. At 33 seconds, you can see how collapsed your drive leg is. This is forcing you to lose velocity, and possibly accuracy.

However, you’re doing a really good job of staying closed with your lead hip.

I recommend that you find an actual mound, and then submit another video for analysis.

Alright. What do you mean my lead leg collapses?

EDIT: Never mind, I see what you mean. Do you know if I could do anything to not collapse over my foot? Like any drills? It’s hard for me to fix that one thing, and I don’t know why.