Why All Baseball Players Should Be Using Creatine


Obviously this is geared towards more adult ball players, but once nutrition is in line I’m a firm believer in creatine. Thoughts?

Hey Josh, good to see you on here.

Creatine is one of the few supplements I also endorse. We sell our own line of it, in fact! (Available for public purchase eventually.)

Kyle, how does someone buy it from you or can you?

[quote=“kyleb”]Hey Josh, good to see you on here.

Creatine is one of the few supplements I also endorse. We sell our own line of it, in fact! (Available for public purchase eventually.)[/quote]


We must touch base more often. Our ideas and paths seem to be incredibly close.

I saw that your just made your own product line, congrats! Let me know how I can help.

my email is joshua.heenan@gmail.com

Can’t yet. I’m hard at work behind the scenes on my product line, including protein, creatine, weighted baseballs (you gotta see them, they are beautiful), bands, and lots of other stuff. I will launch my shop when it’s ready - don’t want to move too fast on this stuff.

Sorry for the tease, I just want to make sure it’s 100% ready to go. As it is, I have 100 sets of weighted balls arriving in 2 weeks and I have a feeling I’ll sell out of them in a week! Need to make sure supply/demand is appropriately handled. :slight_smile:

Good deal. Keep us posted. I’m getting in line when it’s released.

Spent quite a while working at a local gym back in high school, and saw some really impressive gains using creatine, as long as it was being used correctly.

How secure and unadulterated is the supply of creatine?

Who regulates this product and how does someone research reputable providers of it in the marketplace?

What does the FDA do to regulate this product?

Do you feel that a medical physician needs to be consulted prior to beginning a dedicated program of creatine consumption?

What are the cautions and contraindications to taking creatine?

Just some things I’d get answers to before I started. Thoughts?

That depends on the company, and in order to understand that you have to do your research. The company I buy from is Optimum Nutrition and they are very good and only manufacture supplements that won’t cause failed drug tests or adverse health reactions. Knowing the company is imperative.

Talk to the companies about their manufacturing facilities and research it. Hint: The more open about the process they are usually means the cleaner the product is.

Absolutely nothing, as it is a supplement.

Medical physicians typically undergo little to none training on the Nutrition realm. Ask a dietician/nutritionist, but aside from a few health issues creatine has proven to be safe, cheap, and cost effective.

Some people says it makes them bloat, others can get some cramping or dehydration. Also if you have known liver issues this supplement is not for you. Also, taking too much can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. 5 g a day for the 180-200lb athlete is sufficient. Timing of taking it is extremely important as well.