Whoosh on pitches

I was told more the “whoosh” or the noise the pitch makes while traveling to the plate is the sign of a good fastball is this a good way to judge how hard u throw?

obviously its not a accurate way to measure velo

Thats dumb.Ive seen a guy throwing around 88 that didnt have alot of “woosh” and a guy throwing 75 ish that had alot of “woosh” i dont think it matters…

i didnt really believe i was just wondering but what causes it? the air resistence on the ball why do some pitchers have more than others?

I dont know for sure but it probably has something to do with how the aim moves around the ball , how much spin is on the ball and what type of spin is on the ball.

I think whoosh is good … wether it means its fast or not, I don’t know … but it can’t be a bad thing

you also get more sound on the ball if its marked or the seems are ripped as opposed to a smoth new ball

Yeah, a lot depends on the type of baseball and how much use it’s gotten. Higher seems and scuffs=more cutting through air=more noise

I think the woosh is cool though.

One of my coaches last year told his 13 year old son, hitting on a big field isn’t really different then a little field. However on the big field, not only do you see the pitch you usually hear it too.

Yes it isn’t an accurate way of velocity, kinda like a catchers glove popping loud, you can make it pop with a “toss” if it hits the right spot, but in another spot 85 wouldn’t make near as much noise per say.