Who'll win the World Series?

Giants. Pitching.

Giants I agree. All of my peers say Rangers. I just hope that the Giants upset them all.

I’m going Giants too, I had Giants vs Yankees but now I see Giants in 6 games. Should be a great series.

Totally agree! The baseball up to this point has really been better than I can remember in at least a few years for post season play. It’s all about pitching, baby!

As far as I’m concerned, those two teams can beat each other’s brains out. My Yankees fell short, and the Phillies didn’t make it either, so there’s really nothing for me to watch. How are the mighty fallen!—last year’s championships are this year’s flops.
I’ll watch “Hot Stove League” on the MLB Network, plus a few of my favorite police procedurals. Or, like Rogers Hornsby, I will sit and stare out the window and wait for spring. :frowning:


Sorry, but as a die hard Sox fan, I feel compelled to send this link to you… :lol:

This is so great! Out of all the teams in the playoffs these are the two that I thought would be worth watching in a World Series.

I believe the Giants have the edge in this one because of pitching.

The giants were wildcards to make the playoffs. they have no offense, they suck.

Since they did they were only suppose to beat the braves because they were beat down and hurt. But they are not that good…

Against the Phillies ? ya right! Phillies in 4!

Wait what?! They added a few guys, brought up guy name Gerald Dempsey and Madison! mid season. Everybody became bestfriends along the way and ego’s dissappeared. oh ya and best pitching in the Majors should help! Screw it win it all! LETS GO GIANTS!

I want the Giants to win but I think Texas will out-slug them.

Just for Zita:


Scroll down to the October 21 article “A Fresh Ace” by Roger Angell to see if that doesn’t re-engage your interest in Yankees-free (Yankees-less?)postseason baseball.

Texas in 6.

Giants win. We were all right except a few.

This was a very enjoyable world series to watch for me. Awesome pitching and clutch hitting by a different player each night.

This is what makes baseball the greatest sport in the world!

Who would you have made the World Series MVP? DO you give it to Renteria even though he struggled so much early in the year?

I thought it should have been Lincecum. 2 Wins against Lee should have iced it for him. Renteria didn’t do much.

Boy, was I wrong! :dizzy:

I thought Lincecum also but Renteria did play solid defense and hit the ball in some very clutch spots. Lincecum was just exceptional like he has been so many times before.