Who wants to play pro ball?

So, with all the talk and advice orbiting mechanics… this guy’s stlye or another, the question sooner or later comes around to…

Who wants to play pro ball? I mean really, worth working for… a goal of actully making it… if you got the chance.

No lengthy responses… just aking?

Coach B.

My son has this as his goal in life.

i have wanted to play pro ball for ever my entire baseball career now idk about teeball but after that and on! im striving for it just like my Cuz did he plays for VMI Keydets Chris Henderson!!! 1 SP

I want to make it so bad. I’d sell my soul to the devil himself for a MLB contract.

I don’t really want to play pro ball. :smiley:

No not really a goal. I might want to play college but that would be time consuming and education is number 1. I want to be a good highschool player and play while I’m older. But coaching is defintely something I could consider.

I would absolutely love to play pro ball and now that ive started pitching i want it even more!

So, you want to play pro ball? That’s a very ambitious future you have planned for yourself. And in that case, let’s start off with the only reason for being a professional … WORTH.

In other words, …to put it bluntly … how much? What’s your value in dollars and cents to somebody? For example, right now let’s say you were to sign a baseball and enter it on e-Bay. What’s it (you) worth? Now suppose you have a ball signed by … oh … Bob Feller. Now how much do you think you can get now . Now try a ball signed by Babe Ruth.

Based on the order in which I asked for e-Bay submissions … your signature, Bob Feller’s, then Babe Ruth’s … each has a dollar value and other sentiments that will, or would, draw a certain amount of interest.

However, the real reason behind ANY comments, value(s), desires to have and keep such objects will… IS … based on the two basic elements that support such interest … sustained performance at a given level, and … the most important element … promotion. And it’s that last item … promotion … that drives the business of baseball. Yes sir… the business of baseball. Because that’s what pro ball is … a business … not a sport. In other words it’s somebody somewhere with the what-for-ever, the smarts and the money to package and sell the performance of a bunch of guys running around throwing, hitting and doing all kinds of stuff with a small white object … a baseball… the namesake of the game. If it weren’t for promotion … you’d never have the desire to by gloves, spikes, bats and other stuff …asking yourself first… “I wonder what glove so-n-so uses” In fact, take a good hard look at most of the equipment used at the amateur level and you’ll find it either signed off by … or … promoted by some Big Leaguer or pro coach.

Ok… so how does all this make any sense to you? What does it take for you to be a marketable asset worthy of promotion? Well, let’s start with your health. When you’re a pro you’ve got to stay healthy … I mean really healthy. Every door that you open, every handshake that you make, every object that you pick up … literally everything that you touch has the potential of bringing a germ or virus into your system.Everything that you eat while on the road has the potential of getting you sick from ill prepared food, unclean eating utensils like plates, forks and even unclean table tops and packaging. And if that wasn’t enough, the guys that you sitting next to on a long bus ride to and from games while enduring the rigors of the minors … will be coughing and fighting off all kinds of colds and other stuff.

Now that I mentioned the minors … this can be a rollercoaster experience that can be very exciting and rewarding … or a real test of you endurance and tolerance for all kinds of cruelty, politics, and disappointment. At this point you’re probably wanting to know more about that last section of the above … the cruelty, politics, and especially the disappointment thing. Well, remember the part of baseball being a business? If you have value that’s useable by this company that you’re employed with at the time… that’s all well and good. If not, your no longer a thing of value compared to something else. And by the way, get use to be though of in this way… you’re a thing …not a person with feelings… you’re a commodity that WILL be bought and sold over the course of your professional career. And as a commodity of value your fit into a business plan that can be promoted elsewhere is ever changing and shifting day to day.So to sum up this mindset… your only as good as the last guy you bumped and only as sustainable as the guy coming behind you is not … ready to bump you. Also, that piece of paper that you signed that seem to resemble a contract, it is. And it to has a certain value or worth. Like you, it’s marketable and is open to bid by people you’ll rarely meet … if ever … but will control every aspect of your life until you leave the business. EVERY ASPECT. Think I’m kidding? Take a look in your local newspaper’s sports section and see if they have a spot of Baseball Transactions. See how many guys are traded, sent down… or up, given their out-n-out right release. And that’s only a sampling of the real give and take in the business. Then there are other affiliations like baseball in other countries… like Japan, where the style and mode of living can be a real eye opener for some. And while I’m on the style and mode of life … some minor league clubs are not endowed with the usual amenities that you’ve been accustomed to at home. Some clubs … like in the southern portion of the States … while have you shaking out your shoes and clothes daily …for little crawly things. Shoes and foot gear especially each morning for … oh… small spiders and little scorpions to name just a few. Also, the shower arrangements may take a bit getting use to and the dinning menu of some of the local dinning establishments. And I’m sure your going to want to call home sometimes so get use to only one or two payphones if any. Forget about dialing out of your motel room… the service charges for that convenience will bankrupt you in heartbeat.

Minor league coaches will be another surprise for most. Some are very talented and take great pride in their craftsmanship. Unfortunately, there’s enough in that population that are there because of who they know instead of what they know and you’ve got to know which is which real quick sometimes. Then there’s the constant evaluation process that these coaches will subject you to daily. After all, it’s their business to make sure the entire organization has a marketable product to pass on to the real Show. Reports have to be submitted on a regular basis, estimates have to be evaluated, conference calls are scheduled, and who’s staying and who’s going are the topic of locker room gossip routinely. For many… that last part…the gossip… can be an emotional nightmare. And every time you hear a coach’s voice on the other side of your locker say to some guy… “Son, skipper wants to see you in his office for a minute”, you just can’t help but talking to yourself… “ man, that was a little too close for comfort”. And on that note… talking to yourself, you’ll be dong a lot of that because your it… only one… nobody else. You’ll learn quickly that talking and confiding in some of your teammates won’t be such a good idea. Some of these guys can be crass and with a mean steak. This kind of minor league player is on every club and they get a thrill out of getting up … buy getting down of somebody else. And you won’t find any sympathy from the coaching staff on this one. If you can’t handle your own affairs you’d better take it (you) elsewhere. Being athletically talented is a given at this stage in your career… being tough enough to hold your own in this rough and tumble business is something that you got to learn as you go, and learn quickly.

This business’s imprint will definitely change you …in ways that will surprise you at first, but you’ll get use to it… if you plan to make a living at it. Take for example when someone gets hurt or disabled. Normally, as a reasonable human being you’d probably say something like…” oh, I’m sorry to hear that… is he ok… can I do anything for him or his family?” However, don’t be surprised if the first thought that races through your mind is …” beautiful … one less slug to get in my way”. But, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself … this first time… and feel kind of awkward about thinking such a thing. But, then again… it’s a business, noting personal about it.

And somewhere along the line you’ve made a mark for yourself, you’re back for another season… and doing pretty good too. You’re improvements are genuine and your now catching the eye of coaches and the press alike. And out of the clear blue sky some guy comes up to you with a pad and pen in hand, tape recorder rolling in his shirt pocket, and asks you ” How did you deal with all the rejection and problems that you had last year to warrant your return this year? And do you think you can hold your job against the new college All Star that the club just signed last week?” As much as you’ve busted your hump to improve, and as hard as you’ve worked in the off season, and as much as you want to turn this clown upside down and drill him into the ground like a cheap ten penny nail … you don’t. You catch your breath… pause… and say with a smile…
“Mel… it’s just a pleasure to be here with the club… I really appreciate the opportunity to do what I can to contribute to a winning season…. which I’ve worked real hard on over the off season.”

So, you’ve handled it well for a second year rookie…. just as good ole Mel says… “ yes, but will that be enough?”. Then, your hat and glove hit the ground and you look at Mel and think to yourself… “ ok butterball …it’s hammer time!!!”

As the years pass and you’ve toughen up, you’re job is pretty much secured for one more season and you get your chance to show your stuff in the Show… And, it’s a good show, but your up and down the organization, traded a few times… until one day your number is on a jersey that says your one of the roster guys. As your doing infield and warming up a kid reaches out to you and with pen in hand wants your name on a ball. As you sign it the kid says …” I’m going to grow up to be a ball player just like you.” You look at the kid and think of the time and aggravation it took you to get here… and you can’t help but look at the ball that you just signed and suggest to the youngster that he might want to put it on e-bay…. maybe it’s worth something now.

Coach B.

Excellent, excellent post, Coach B!

I think it would be cool to go pro but I really don’t think it’s a realistic possibility for me. I’ll just go into sports marketing for some pro team. :smiley:

I’d rather be the owner!

i think id rather coach pro ball :slight_smile:

Id like to get drafted play in the minors try hard to get to the majors. I would play as long as i could then would like to work my way up to being the GM of a major league team.

Im likin that story Coach. To me i think itll be great to make a difference in a little kids life like that. I mean im 17 and when i go down to the yard extra early to catch some BP and talkin to the players on the side and they toss ya ball. It feels great. Just exchanging words with a ball player makes u feel real good. Id like to do that to someone some day.

Honestly? I would love to just be a minor league ballplayer.

First off, great post Coach Baker. I agree with you, Lizard King. I would just love to be a minor league player and currently aspire to be a major league baseball player. I know what it takes, I’ve heard enough stories and what-not and that’s why I am still playing. That is why every day I strive to get better at baseball. I always show up early to practice even if I’m the only one there just to swing a bat and work on my hitting mechanics, or I’ll stretch and go for a run, or I will practice my pitching mechanics without a ball. Whatever I can do to play more baseball and to play later into my life. I don’t want to stop playing baseball after my high school career is over. If I could I’d choose to be a guy like Jaime Moyer, he might play until hes 50 years old. Do you know how incredible that would be? What I would give to be in his position? He doesnt have overpowering stuff, hes not the best in the league, but he goes out there year after year and does his best. Even if his best is not as good as the next guy, he still has fun doing it and being paid to do it is just a bonus. What a life, huh?

ARE you or WERE you a pro ball player? Too much work or something? or just sarcasim :?

I’ve dreamed of it for a loooong time.

Sounds like this youngster has an idea! Keep believing in yourself, it can carry you a long way.

ARE you or WERE you a pro ball player? Too much work or something? or just sarcasim :?

I’ve dreamed of it for a loooong time.[/quote]

Yes, he played pro ball.