Who Needs Major League Ball?

I attended a youth game over the weekend, of some very young kids.

It was Great!

The pitcher balks, the catcher is called for catcher’s interference, the batter’s front foot is definitively out of the batter’s box when he slugged the ball, the runner on first rounds second and doesn’t touch second nor does he touch third on his way home, and the ball goes over the centerfield fence.

Both benches erupt with directing their on-field players, batter runner for one side and the third baseman for the other, to APPEAL…. APPEAL……APPEAL!!!

The batter runner nears second base looks at the infield umpire and calls “time… time, I want to appeal!!!l…” and so does the third baseman who is taking calls from his dugout near the third baseline …. ” time… time… appeal… appeal!!!”

All of this mind you during the first inning with the second batter in the box!

I swear the best part of baseball is watching the youngest kids do this game in ways that makes it all worthwhile. And one of the best parts was then watching a new, 17 year old umpire still in street clothes and a T-shirt, with a balloon chest protector and ill-fitting shin guards, lift his facemask off, glance down at his clicker indicating balls and strikes, trying to figure this one out.

Coach B.

I’ve always felt youth baseball coaches should be required to attend one T-ball game a year. Reminds you it’s about fun and puts things back in perspective real fast.

Great story Coach B I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that game a few times over the years