Who looked Best?

We’ve had a couple of days to think on it…I think Halliday was one tough cookie…but missed Webb…Zambrano was efficient and I thought Sheets was a tough competitor but looked almost over-matched (Worked his butt off though). Lee was all he was advetised, was a hoot with Pabilbon and then Rivera…yow!! I thought it classless for them Yank fans to give it to Palilbon…great performance by him too…Wasn’t “Over-rated” after all and what can you say about Rivera? Sure was a great pitchers game…I wish I’d seen it all… :lol:

Papelbon and Rivera worked 2 scoreless innings, well should have been. I felt bad for Papelbon becuase he was getting harrased his whole outing and Navaro threw that ball away and the flyball that was tagged up on wasn’t very deep either. Mariano got some help with the strike him out throw him out. I liked how they showed Mariano showing some very dominant pitchers how he throws his cutter. When I went to Pittsburg I saw Ron Vilone showing Thompson (sp?) how to throw a cutter. They were right in front of me and I could tell what they were talking about. Vilone just kept shaking his head saying no thats not it.

[i]Sidenote in Red

I thought the pros were perfect when I watched them two throw Vilone slipped and fell on his ass while launching it over the other guys head. Then Thomson or whatever his name is went to catch a ball thrown to his left as a RHP and instead of turning his glove over he kept it like it was at his chest and he missed the ball haha. I think that was Vilones cutter though.

sheets set the tone but

you cant say cause the ining were spaced out

i think sherill did the best

but you gott give it to rivera at yankee stadium