Who is this guy?

he’s name is Kyle Roelfsema what is he a prospect or something

Why do you want to know who he is, and why do you think he’s a prospect?

Why do you say that?

(filmer has a realllly canadian voice) :slight_smile:

found out he’s from canada but goes to a D1 school in america

There’s a Canadian with the same name in 2007 he was a Junior at Valley City State U (NAIA), BUT he is a RHP

That guy is a lefty…

thants it i wish i didn’t have to to this but its google advanced search time HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My mistake, where I got my info was wrong Canoe- SLAM Sports
It’s supposed to be the most accurate Listing of Canadians in Colleges in the States.

That is the guy I was thinking of.

But why do you want to know if he’s a prospect?

He had labrum surgery recently (2006 I think I read) and it appears as though he hasn’t pitched in any College games since 2005.

first I didn’t know how old the vid is
I thought he was a prospect cause it looked like he threw pretty fast had i thought he had pretty good mechanics which is normally developed in college or minor leagues

Well going by what he posted about the video on YouTube this is him post-op (2006).

It might look as though he’s throwing ‘pretty fast’ but that’s impossible to tell, as someone somewhere else said there’s guys who look like they are throwing hard and they aren’t and vice versa.

His mechanics do look overall not that bad, but to say that they are normally developed in College or the Minors is a stretch. Look at how many guys have polished mechanics out of/during high school.