Who is the shortest pitcher

We all know Chris Young is one of the tallest but who is the smallest?

jon rauch is the tallest at 6 11 i don’t know who is the shortest maybe billy wagner or jason frasor

heres a pretty complete(?) list of short pitchers in the majors

masumi kuwata 5-8

bk kim 5-9

chad gaudin 5-10

mike hampton(if you count him) 5-10

jason frasor 5-10

tom gordon 5-10

carmen cali 5-10

pedro feliciano 5-10

then you get guys like wagner, lincecum, pedro, snell, peralta, romero, rincon, parrish, rodriguez, shouse, osoria, torres, seanez at 5-11

theres also been some guys that have been up and down between the majors and minors like

fabio castro 5-7
clay hensely 5-11
ramon ramirez 5-11
shane komine 5-9

and borderline guys like oswalt, maybe maddux