Who is the best side arm pitcher?

Im trying to finish up on my mechanics so I want to look at a few other side arm pitchers. The only one I could think of was Burnett but they arnt any videos of him so.

Try to get over the ‘best’ hang-up…it’s a distracting discussion better played out by drunks in bars than by serious pitchers who want to study their craft.

In no particular order, look at some of these clips:

(Note, the last example, Bronson Arroyo uses both a 3/4 and a sidearm delivery)

Just to say that my favorite sidearm pitcher is Walter Johnson. The big guy threw the hardest of his time, and this was during a time that baseballs had large seams that slowed the ball down. I think this made for a lot of movement on most pitches, but slower velocity all around. They say he threw in the 90’s though. Ty Cobb said he flat out blew hitters away. I enjoy vintage pitchers.

All i ment by best of was the better pitchers.

i consider dennis eckersley a sidearmer he’s in the hall of fame.

I agree with Dennis Eckersly as well and try maybe Brian Fuentes for the Angels.

Burnett sidearm?? hmmm…

I’d consider Randy Johnson pretty close… He was pretty decent.

Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez are my fav side armers