Who in Their Ever-Loving Mind

Who in their ever-loving mind invented golf? What a pathetic way to torture a man!

Today, I came home from playing 18 holes of the cruelest, meanest stretch of mother earth there is. Who in their right mind would invent this?

I haven’t played golf in… oh, about twenty years. ( Now I know why) But that didn’t stop me from thinking that I was 15 again. I wacked and hacked my way from one pot hole (divot) to another, lost about a dozen and half of those little white devils, drove the golf cart over a green or two - heard a few words about that let me tell you, and ended up on the last hole hitting somebody else’s ball - not once but twice. At the bar in the clubhouse a guy comes over to me and expresses his appreciation for my stick-to-it-ness after watching me six or seven putt my way from pin to pin.

Being blind-as-bat in one eye probably had something to do with it, but come on…

When I came home my Mrs. could tell my mood so she put this on Youtube for me. Enjoy…


I have s seasonal job at the local golf course. I cut a few hundred acres of rough with a Tractor towing a sixteen foot bat wing. Takes me about 25 hours a week. I’ve questioned the sanity of everyone involved from the owner, to the greens keepers, the grass cutters and the fertilizers, the whole thing is ridiculous. And I play once a week.

Last two weeks I got the yips and suddenly can’t hit the ball to save my arse. I know how Steve Blass and chuck knoblach felt.

Funniest thing I’ve seen was a guy who was having a particularly bad round…stopped his cart by the pond. He got out and unsnapped his bag and took it off the cart. Then with both hands , he wheeled that bag in a half circle and let it fly into the pond about twenty feet out. He drove his cart right back to the clubhouse and hasn’t been back since.

I kinda admire that guy. Why pay for that kind of misery. Stupid game.