Who in the !@#$*!

Who in the name of *&#$! invented the remote!!!

Who in the name of Branch Rickey invented this !@#$! remote? This thing is a curse, so help me. Its got a mind of its own, gets up and walks, hides, vanishes … gonzo!

And if that wasn’t enough … I got a school bus of the !@#$* things. One for the TV, one for the cable, another for the VCR, and another yet for the DVD. Geeshhh … the next thing I’ll need is one for the Sunday paper boy, one for the washing machine, one for the dish washer … give me a break!!!

I got a one-size-fits all thing to make them all work with just the push of the button … yeah, like Captain Ahab and Moby Dick were buds or something. I’m press-n buttons and my neighbor’s garage door starts to open and don’t my VCR start searching for launch codes to the nears ICBM silo.

I’m a man of my vintage - an age of ON - OFF - VOLUME CONTROL… that’s it.

How the younger generation deals with this stuff is beyond me. My hat’s off to ya!

Coach B.

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw in the paper once. Kid comes late to school, and he hands the teacher a note—from his father. The note reads “Please excuse Jimmy for being late today—my computer at the office went haywire and he had to come in and fix it.”