Who do you think throws the best Knuckle Curve in the Majors

I think Mike Mussina throws one of the best knuckle curve’s in the majors. Who do you all think throws the best one?

I heard A.J’s curve is a knuckle curve. If it is then it’s up there with the best of them.

Mussina’s is nasty

burnett for sure

Mussina hands down…

no doubt in my mind aj burnett throws the best damn breaking ball in the majors period! when he commands his knuckle curve the came is over for the opposing team… o the potential he has if he would just stay healthy…

Ever? Burt Hooten.

i dont think burnett throws a knucklecurve

i think that just became a rumor because on mvp baseball 2005 he throws a knucklecurve

I have asked Steve Ellis if he can find out how Burt “Happy” Hooten threw his. I think he actually spun it off his knuckles creating over spin but not twisting his wrist like a curve. Steve said if he can get the info he will post it.

Hooten could make his fade either way. When it was on, it was virtually unhitable, Ian.

Alright, credit the Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers for this info on Hooten:
(A fun resource by the way if you can pick it up cheap)

This is a quote according to Brent Strom “who saw Hooten pitch many times”

“Hooton’s knuckle curve was thrown with pitcher placing his fingernails on the ball much like a knuckleball pitcher, but instead of maintaining position of the fingernails as the ball is thrown, will acutally ‘push’ hard, with the fingers elongating, creating overspin, something the knuckleball pitcher does not want to do.”

And a separation between the two different knucklecurves was also made in the book. The ball thrown by Mussina and also Don Sutton among others can be called the “spike curve.” It is thrown like a regular curve with a nail dug into the ball.

a.j burnett does throw a knuckle curve he always has…he is my favorite ptcher trust me i know he does. when he was on the fish i followed him alot since i do live in south florida. he throws one…

Isn’t that book great? I thought he actually had his knuckles on it because I have tried it the way the book said and can not get it to work. I would love Hooten to publish how he did it because it was unique and effective. In fact I would pay for a course on this pitch just to know…

Also I would ove to See Dr. Mike Marshal comment on the pitch from a safety view point, Ian.

Here is an interview with Burt Hooten and he does describe how he threw it.

Here’s the link enjoy ( oh for a picture!)



[quote=“ian demagi”]Here is an interview with Burt Hooten and he does describe how he threw it.

Here’s the link enjoy ( oh for a picture!)


too bad this thing do not work i would have loved to read it.

Phil Hughes has a good one when he’s on.

In terms of pure movement, AJ Burnett has by far the sharpest in the majors, it moves with the suddeness of a good slider, but breaks down instead.

there is footage evidence sandy koufax threw his curveball with a knuclecurve grip like mike mussina. i hink the disscusion is closed on who had the best knucklecurve.

If thats true then yea, lol, close the thread

i still like mussina