Who are you competing against - really?

So you’d like to be college bound and play ball. You want to accumulate an impressive showing and a stat list that’ll catch the eye of recruiters and a scout here and there. No brainier here.

So, during your high school years who are you really competing against? The other schools in your area? Maybe the local? Maybe the state? The Region?

Well, think of your competition as already occupying a roster spot on the colleges of you’re choice, and those in the other colleges in your state and region. To put it another way, who you’re really competing against are the guys that are already playing on the clubs of the colleges that your setting your sights on. So set your sights on a higher horizon then just your local high school ball.

For example, say you live in New England, or even better yet the Northeast. Now look up on the web all those colleges in that area and glance at their rosters. Want to be a pitcher - look at the bio’s of all the pitchers. Want to be a catcher - look at the bio’s of all the catchers. So it goes right on down the line.

See what already works for the coaching staff and their recruiting ranks. What are they looking for as a base, a foundation, their tendencies for what fits. Some clubs recruit heavily from only one or two school district while other broaden their search pattern. If you see a pattern you’ll know what to go after and what your best options are.

For example, look at the following rosters and see what tendencies are present. Look at everything - size, weight, academic majors, playing time - or not, transfers, roster makeup with respect to lowerclassman and upperclassman, and so forth.

University of Massachusetts, University of Connecticut, Boston College, Northeastern University, Holy Cross, Navy, Army, Penn State, University of Syracuse, Fordham University, University of Maine, just to name a few.

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