White Sox Showcase

I am 15 and a sophomore. I am about 6’2" and 190. I was invited to this Chicago White Sox camp for my area code I guess. And I was just wondering if anyone has been to one of these before and could explain to me what all happens at these camps. How many pitches? Batters? I was also wondering at 15 if that was young for these camps. I do not really know if I am as physically mature as some of the other guys that will be there, might cause be took look bad. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

i went to a white sox camp, everyone had to be 16 or older at the one i went to tho

there were a few big guys, i was probably one of the top 15 there in terms of size and i’m only about 6’1 and 210lbs or so, not incredibly big at all

first thing we did was the 60, then we all threw and warmed up our arms

the outfielders then took about 5 popups and a couple groundballs and i think they all threw to 3rd from RF…the infielders just sat around while they were doing that

then all the infielders took about 6 or 7 balls at SS, and the 1B went to 1b, i dont remember if 1b took any groundballs or not

the pitchers were throwing in the bullpen during this time

we all hit about 6 or 7 balls, everyone used wood bats and that’s about it