White 3/4 sleeve

Am I allowed to wear a white 3/4 sleeve whileitching? I know you can’t wear long white sleeves.

i never knew you couldnt wear long white sleeves :?

Nope. Can’t wear white on your pitching arm. At least that’s my understanding.


No you cannot wear any white. I was pitching the other day and I have a white T-shirt I was wearing, and it comes a little lower than my jersey, and the umpire had to keep coming up to me to tell me the little white part was hanging out. So yes, Hose was right, no white on your pitching arm.

Huh, wow that’s intresting never heard of that one before. No white shirts. I huess that’s why pitchers and position players wear the team color instead of just any color.

Am I allowed to wear a white 3/4 sleeve while pitching?

No… it is a distraction to the batter, and it is considered one of those rules in baseball (ORB) that is applicable to “the spirt of the game”, more then anything.

Way back in either days of the game, pitchers would deliberately wear a strark white unifrom top with a stark white or bleached while sleeve so as to blend a white backdrop to the white ball. Hence the ruling. And it wasn’t so much as an extra edge for the pitcher… which it was, but it made a fastball very dangerous for the batter when the ball was coming in at eye level and very high and inside. So today, we not only have this ruling… but if you notice in every professional park… from the Majors, MLB’s Minor League systems, and even the semi-pro and professional Independent League systems, we have a black or solid backdrop in center field. When the batter looks out at the pitcher, behind the pitcher is an excellent vantage point for the batter to pick up a pitch, even if it’s for a split second.

By the way, I’ve had some guys who’s been called for leather straps hanging from their gloves, chains and shinny medals around their necks, and even too many tattos on their pitching arm. One creative pitcher I had even painted the bottom of his cleats a bright red… just like the rest of his cleats… but this red was really bright, and his leg kick looked like Bob Feller’s…high and deliberate, so when he pitched, he was pitching from behind and around that stride leg. So, after a couple of pitches the plate ump called time and out our guy went to get his other pair of cleats.

Also, distracting the batter can be a true art form…if you practice it enough. I say this because if you have a good enough ACT you can usually pull it off and make yourself look better than your pitching really is. For example, Bob Gibson use to whirl around off the mound after most of his pitches. He looked like he was actually lurching at the batter. Hence the batter’s attention span was broken … just for a split second… and Gibson had an edge. Also, I had a pitcher who use to deliver then stand straight up and stare at the batter. A real weird look that use to unravel a lot of good hitters early in the game.

Good question about the sleeves.

Coach B.

ive seen some major leaguers squeeze their glove in and out quickly in their delivery to distract batters.

Have you seen what Ryan Dempster does to his glove? He does this funky wrist flick with his glove in his windup. Check out this video

around the 0:06 mark.

Have you seen what Ryan Dempster does to his glove? He does this funky wrist flick with his glove in his windup. Check out this video

around the 0:06 mark.[/quote]

:shock: i didnt know your wrist could move that much lol

A few weeks ago a kid on my team had to take off his undershirt becuse of that and before that i never heard off that rule