Which Player Are You Going To Vote To The All Star Game

I am voting Jermaine Dye And Carlos Lee Or David Wright

Jason Giambi and Pat Burrell

why would u ever vote for jason giambi?

he would go as a dh for me, big papi isnt playing so giambi should.

There was an article in the newspaper today about the bad allstar selections. Manny and ortiz should never have made it, good thing ortiz is hurt. They both are below .300 and there are some guys doing way better. Same thing with the Redsox firstbaseman. The twins first baseman had all around better numbers than whats his name from the sox. And Ian Kingsler didn’t get it over Pedroia? Are you kidding me. Kingsler had amazing numbers compared to Pedroia. Now not to be anti redsox I am a Yankees fan but Jeter shouldn’t have made it either.

ok bower you got me started, ill give you ortiz shouldnt have made it based on his numbers and games missed but he got voted because of his past success, manny is always one of the top hitters, kinsler has better numbers but pedroria is having a great year and should still be in the game and why would youkilis not start? He has morneau beat in average, homeruns and plays great defense.

I’m just going by what that article said it doens’t really reflect my personal beliefs. :lol: But I think kingsler should have had it. And Manny is kind of so-so right now. Youkilis was the one that was really close to the guy that was suggested to start in his place by the guy in the newspaper but other than that Kingsler seemed way ahead of Pedroia and theres a lot of hitters better than Manny now but, your right he is always one of the best.

You guys are forgetting about the biggest homer move of them all: JASON VARITEK.

Complete JOKE.

ya varitek didnt deserve it but the players voted him in

sometimes voting for allstars isnt just how well they play the game, maybe its HOW they play the game? I dont know, but everyone apparently respects him enough to vote him in with a .220 BA.

why is everybody talking about all star snubs who didnt make it and they arent bringing up mile lowell? his stats are much better than most of the players in the game.

I think giambi got screwed over

Giambi did get snubbed a bit but what about Pat Burrell

he has much better numbers than Fukudome(sp.?) and Soriano plus he isnt hurt and wasnt out for half of the first half.

Ortiz and manny definately shouldnt have made it…im not a red sox hater but they both arent having good years right now (Ortiz hasnt played in a month or so) Jermaine Dye is so snubbed you dont even have to talk about it…its a joke he has 20 HR and is playing great ball with a winning club and he isnt in the game. Also on the pitching side of it…where is Gavin Floyd…10-5 with a 3.63 ERA and 75k’s… as good as Kazmir has been…Floyd has started more and is pitching fairly well.

Power of the mustache :stuck_out_tongue:

If your gonna say dye got snubbed with 20 hr then so did howard he has like 28 HRs and has been on a complete tear batting since all stars were announced.

i agree that Manny has a good track record, but the 08 Allstar team should be strictly picked by what they have done this year.

nate mcclouth has better stats in every single category than fukudome.

at least he showed them by gunning someone at the plate