Which pitching motion do you use and why?

Which pitching motion do you use and why?

what do you mean

menium leg kick
medium stride
3/4 arm slot
unextreme lincecum mechanics

like do you strech all the time or if you go from the windup do you go overhead or some other way.

i pitch from the stretch always, but when runners on base i use the slide step

the leg lift is kind of like my windup

windup always i cant get velocity on my stretch and im pretty much over the top

Thanks for the posts

My windup is how Kevin Brown pitches because he was my favorite player and I just like the wind up. My stretch is like Duaner Sanchez. He’s not a favorite player of mine, like Kevin Brown is, but I find that the leg kick he does takes a lot of pressure off my arm.

When I pitched, many moons ago, I would use the old-fashioned full windup with nobody on or with the bases loaded, and the stretch with runners on. I used the slide-step all the time, because I found that it added some speed to my delivery (I didn’t have anything resembling a fast ball and threw a lot of “snake jazz”). I was a natural sidearmer who used the crossfire extensively, and the batters just couldn’t pick up on my slider, which was my go-to pitch. :baseballpitcher: :slight_smile:

thanks for the post