Which pitching mechanics are better and why?


Up, down & out?
Lead with the hip?


This question is so open ended that it’s difficult to nail down an answer. I am not a mechanic’s coach, never have been and have no intention of trying to impress someone that I’m knowledgeable on the subject(s).

Strictly from an observation standpoint, I would say this:
-Age along with certain physical attributes goes a long way here. A 12 year old just learning things, along with a 20 year old just starting out have common ground on the subject. By that I mean, certain muscle structures and mental focus, open mindedness, or not, goes a long way in being receptive to coaching.
-Physical makeup (physique) also plays a big role. A slim yet athletic preteen can be just as coachable as a slim yet athletic mature individual - but, this changes drastically as the proportions of a person goes into noticeable height/girth, and even certain motor skills disproportion. For example, coaching a stocky, wide girth, overweight individual is extremely difficult regardless of how proper the coach is, or should be.
-Want and need to allow the body to choreograph all the moves that a pitcher will go through - suitable to that individual, is THEE biggest challenge that I see. Again, I’m not a mechanic’s coach, but I’ve witness some ill-faded attempts to coach someone with “do-this/do-that” totally foreign to the physical and mental ability of the trainee.

I could go deeper into the subject, but I think you get the idea. I assume this is in relation to other posts relative to your son’s progression and what’s best in that regard.

I would suggest sitting down with a coach who coaches pitchers exclusively and have an appointment to talk, listen, ask questions and get your feel of the topic and questions that you want asked. In that regard:
-Ask this coach to appraise your son’s physique, how healthy he looks, his attention span as you listen to this coach(s).
-Ask what priorities does he (coach) focus on first, given a “first impression” of your son. Why?

  • Ask what first impressions are he looking for doing certain activities - playing catch, video of games played, etc.

Lastly, I would caution going into a meeting with preconceived ideas and assumptions. Going into a meeting is just as much a learning experience as it is being impressed by someone’s knowledge. That being said, I’ve seen some sit in a meeting with a potential coach and literally take over that meeting with trying to impress - even challenge, the coach that they’re meeting with.

I apologize for posting questions rather than explicit answers. I trust my remarks are helpful in some way.


I can’t tell whether you are taking a survey or wondering if one is actually better than the other?

I would suggest whichever allows the pitcher to best utilize their flexibility and strength to maintain load in the back leg and be able to fully utilize the entire energy into the drive. It will depend on the individual I think and their build and strength. You don’t want to drop so much you don’t have the strength to use all that force and you don’t want to extend the lift leg so violently on the “out” that it doesn’t allow you to drive but pulls you off the mound. Or lead with hip and fall without tempo (control) pulling you off without a leg drive…
I’ve heard it argued that if you go up/down and out, why not just slide step.
To me a windup is a very personal thing and there is a rhythm to it that allows you to get into the zone whether your style serves a functional purpose or not.

Me, if I wanted to know, I’d experiment with both and see which yielded better results based on what combination of success metrics you feel are most important and to what degree.

PS. if you are looking for an answer to a survey, my answer would be lead with hip, because I was a tall wiry guy who needed momentum to make up for mass.