Which pitcher should start?

:smiley: This is my first post here. I started coaching this year in a 9/10 yr old rec. league. I have been involved in baseball for years though, but not as a pitcher though I do know basic mechanics. It is the first and second year of live pitch for the players. My first issue is deciding on a starting pitcher. I have two very good pitchers. One is throwing around 50 to 55 mph from the windup but struggles some with his accuracy, the other is throwing around 45 and has good location from the set. Which should be the starter and which should be the reliever/closer? I also have another pitcher learning to pitch but struggling some in game situations. We play two 6 inning games a week and they have six inning a week limits. Thanks[size=18][/size]

If this is truly a rec league, I would mix it up. Let one kid start one game and let another kid start the next game. If your league will have a post-season tournament, then you may find that the tournament schedule demands that you have more than 2 or 3 pitchers in order to stick to appropriate pitch count limits and to provide proper rest between outings. If this is the case, you should plan on developing additional pitchers throughout the regular season.

This is a rec league. Why would you only have 2 pitchers? You want more then 2. We have the same rules as far as innings per week but I like to count pitches instead. If a player is to 50 im pulling him out even if its his second inning. Its not all about winning at that age. Im sure you have 2 other kids who can at lease throw a strike even if it is 35 mph. Let them play too!

Our league normally has the strongest pitcher close the games out but does it really matter? If I had to make a choice, I go with the kid who throws 45 and hits his spots. Walks are the devil.

Good luck

It is good to hear such good comments, absolutely if you have 10-12 players on your team it is important to get at least 6-7 total. You might just find that diamond in the rough that just needs a little encouragement. Also I think that at this age it really doesnโ€™t matter if they start, relieve or close, they just need time on the mound.

I have to agree. Last year my team only had three kids that could pitch with any kind of skill, and it killed us. This year i made a point to make sure that i have at least 6 kids that can toe the rubber. Now my problem is getting them all some time on the mound in the game. But i have adopted a 65-70 pitch count for my pitchers per game. You get close to that number and i am pulling you. I dont want to risk a kids future just wo we can win a game.