Which pitch is better?

A slider or a curveball. I know its a article on this site but I’m more interested
in what you think so argue it up and if anyone can,could you get a gif. up of a
slider and curveball side by side

it depends on who is throwing it. but when im batting i would rather a curve then a slider

if always liked the slider because it goes faster and has more break then a curveball

they normally dont have more break than a curve. well maybe a power curve its just they slide across the plate at the last minute, making good contact almost impossible

the best pitch is a strike with something on it

my slider was normally a strike with quite a bit on it

kaz, a curve breaks more than a slider. a slider is faster and doesnt break alot. a curveball will be slower and breaks more. also a slider breaks more side to side and alittle down while a curve usually just breaks straight down.

a curve can be used to throw the hitter off balance, and not allowing them to make good contact, while a slider is mainly used to get the hitter out looking or swinging