Which mechanics are more explosive?

This is one were I try to copy Lincecum. it feels weird. RIstar says its more explosive and I should keep working on them.

This one feels more comfortable.

I think you ought to delete this post, go with what you are comfotable with, make it the most efficient delivery method you can and lets move on to seeing you succeed.

Look at my first post of my mechanics with 80%. I have little momentum. But incredible control. I added momentum, its very easy. Now I’m working on gaining some more control back. I also have more speed. I’m working on a lot of stuff. But its easier to use whats comfortable even if its wrong. Then add momentum more and more until things still feel comfortable. It’s working for me and I’m really looking to have my mechanics solid by septemeber.

I say forget RIstar. Screw the first vid. I’m going with the one that feels more comfortable. I just have one question for anyone who reads this. How do I get my momentum going forward a peak of leg kick when i try it I just lose balance and almost fall over.

You should be moving before peak leg lift. I couldn’t understand what you were saying. Well how often do you workout? I do a lot of olympic stuff so my legs are very strong. I felt that helped a lot when I got my momentum after not using much before. I also had a decent core but could be better. I had the stability muscles I needed to add momentum to the recipe. It also helps if you have a mound to work off of.

im not an expert at all so if any one says this is wrong id listen to them…
if its possible you might be able to get more momentum going to the plate if instead of taking a rocker step to the side try taking the step back so you go back and just get all your momentum going forward…
I would maybe try it and if it feels comfortable do if not dont do it

I’ve experimented with that step back. Its not for me. It just feels weird but thanks for advice anyways

Lol at the “ghost” of Ristar still influencing people, go with what is more comfortable. Lincecum can pull off his mecahnics because he is incredibly flexible and quick, but not everyone can dot hat.

Oh I don’t think your strong enough in your legs for the Lincecum way. See how you jump up? Thats because its putting so much strain on your legs they can’t handle it so you flinch off of that leg. Just my opinion could be wrong.

If you’re looking to gain momentum, what has been said before is correct, you must get your body moving towards homeplate through the leg kick. However, what you must consider is that if you begin moving too fast, your arm will be late, if you move to slow, obviously achieving momentum becomes slim. Just remember a pitching motion should be “slow-medium-fast”. In other words, start at a speed that is most comfortable, and work from there. Also, just a tip, if you think you’re going too fast, see if you can balance yourself at the peak of your leg kick, if you can’t then that should tell you something. Hope this helps. If anything i posted is wrong, please let me know.

Incase anyone is wondering, my preference is to start out being able to balance myself at my leg kick, then driving with the back leg, while reaching out with my leading foot and hip.

you remind me of andy sonninstine of the rays not kazmir. the way your arm moves

I say which ever one feels natural and more comfortable, you should stick to that.

I don’t like copying some1 elses’s mechanics,not that it’s wrong, its just that, you should use your mechanics, and your body=].

It is not as hard as you think. as the knee comes up start the hips to the plate. you have to get momentom started early.