Which Legal Supplements To Take

I’m 19 and throw in the upper 80’s. I want to get to the point where I’m consistently throwing in the 90’s. I workout every day and I have been ever since freshman year of high school. (I take a week off for recovery every few months). My nutrition has never really been perfect but I’ve been a lot more disciplined about it lately. I’ve been stuck at 195 lbs for the past few months and I want to gain more mass and strength where I need it (Legs, core, back, etc.).
What are some supplements that are NCAA legal that I should be taking, besides protein, and amino acids? And how often should I take them?

You could consider creatine, but in reality all you need is a lot of good food (chicken and rice is a good one).


I did a little bit of research into supplements. And started taking creatine (5g a day (no loading phase), omega 3 capsules (2 1000 mg capsules in the morning), and just a generic multivitamin (2 in the morning). Dosages based on the indication on the box.

i read Kyleb’s article (http://www.drivelinebaseball.com/2009/10/13/basic-supplements-for-baseball/)
And some other articles for supplements for baseballplayers. And these 3 things were the supplements which appeared in almost all articles.
Almost all nonscientific articles plead for the advantages of those 3.

After that i did a quick scan with pubmed (no real meta-analysis).
I found most conclusive evidence for for creatine. For performance increase and safety (assuming your kidneys are functioning normally)
No conclusive evidence for fishoil and multivitamine (if you have a healthy diet). Most trials said there was no real positive effect. But no health risks. Some said it was indeed helpfull for general health, and fat loss (big point for me to take fish oil). So i just gave them a shot. They are also not that expensive and make a lot of sense.

Oh yeah and they should all be ncaa legal (at least from what i read. I don’t live in the US and am not familiar with ncaa guidelines)

Its pretty bad that i started them all at the same moment, together with proteinsupplement en a low carb, high protein diet. And hitting the gym around 4-5 times a week. So i can’t really say what causes what.
But. I lost 25 pounds in about 3 months. And gained muscle. Might be because of the supplements, might be because of the changed lifestyle.

Over the christmasbreak ill have some more time to look into papers regarding supplements

Today in class (medical school) i was told there is no conclusive evidence whether glucosamine, chondroitin and other supplements help against osteoarthritis (basicly wear and tear on your joint cartilage)

But most people dont get enough vitamin D, which is very important in your calciumabsorption -> bone density. Normaly your body makes this by converting sunlight. But people dont have enough because A. You might not get enough sunlight, or B. You use to much sunblock.
You could try a general dose which would be on the productlabel. But it would be better to get your levels checked by a general practitioner, which can be done with a simple bloodtest.

dont take cartilage supplements
do take vitamin d supplements