Which is the better decision?

Should i a Freshman going on sophomore play for a team where im playin with three 19 year olds and 5 seniors/juniors and im starting on that team too or play for a summer rec. league where im the most dominate pitcher/player on the team and playing wit a 5 friends the same age and some players who are 1 to 2 years younger than me? really quick decision im playing for both the teams right now but soon i figure ill have to choose!

please help

You’re being faced with a choice—whether to be a big fish in a little pond or a small fish in a bigger pond, right? It seems to me that before you can make such a decision you’d have to take a good look at your pitching—your mechanics, what kind of repertoire you have, your overall consistency in getting the ball over the plate. But there’s no big rush. I would suggest that you get together with a good pitching coach and have him evaluate all these things, see just where you’re at, and then you can make a decision. 8)

ya but my problem is im just a sophomore in High school man i dont have pitching coaches i just have coaches im Trying to get to the next level right now i have a good shot at it i throw real hard at mid to high 70s i just wanna know wat would give me the best opportunity to get better see when im wit the rec league team i just plain dominate everywhere i play whether it pitching or offense. on the older team im starting at second base learning how to pitch in spots cuz i have the high school ace he is a senior catcher amazing too. but every time i go out there i have an amazing defense behind me but im also pitching to 19/18 year olds that kill my pitches but i usually do decent considering im 15.

I would recommend the older league because it will get you the most improvement and it’ll make you work harder.

Play with whichever you choose though, I mean it’s always good to play with some of your friends I know I wish I had friends that played baseball, I’m the only one of my friends that plays baseball :(.

ya the older team we are starting to get along but we have lost 5 in a row and we are are a very good team

Don’t worry my Legion team is like 4-12 right now, we still have like 50 games left but we kinda’ stink, not because there isn’t talent but because our attitude in the dugout seems to be a losing attitude as a whole.

i agree with Pustulio

Your playing experience should be just that…EXPERIENCE, no just marking time with your friends… unless that’s the objective- being with your friends.

Improving yourself in this sport can be a matter of “self-teaching”, by looking and observing, thinking things out, then practicing, then perform, then perfect. That being said, what I just mentioned doesn’t come without “paying your dues”. It’s a lonely road, without much help along the way for a lot of youngsters … as you are now experiencing.

Let me suggest this:

Do you want to dominate? Be number one? Feel that rush of superior performance over all those around you?
Go with the team/league that gives you that. No contest there with that decision.


Do you want to improve by learning as your playing? Do you want to observe the game around you … study it… take the time to reason things out>>> how come???>>>why did this guy hit my best stuff??? Can I learning ANYTHING from this place in time???
Option one>> Go with the park and rec team and take your time to study every possible pre game, live time, and post game action. Learn why your pitching on any given day IS and IS NOT working. Study the batting order of every club including your own. Start a notebook for yourself on how-when-and-why things happen. If your club lost 80 - 0, then ask yourself how could you have pitched AROUND each lost opportunity. Learn how to back up plays… where should you be… why? This option gives you the opportunity to learn at a pace that doesn’t expect the performace levels of higher competition… and along with that doesn’t come the rejection from coaches and teammates alike when you fail to meet expectations FOR THAT LEVEL.
Option two>>> Go with the higher level club and don’t get caught up in the following:
Playing at a much higher level with the hopes of getting better is a move that should be weighted heavily. Fourteen and fifteen year olds seem to fall into this category more often then not. Usually, they end up
competing in an age bracket that’s for eighteen and nineteen year olds, and the only thing they end up doing is keeping their heads just above the water line… hitting the ground running… and learning absolutely nothing about the game or the position.
Don’t fall for that. If you’re going this route… apply the same basics that I outlined above for playing with the park and rec club.

I made these suggestions because I assumed that you wanted to go beyond your home town experience and shoot for a higher level of this sport, and pitching. And although I’m not familar with your particulars, your situation is not unlike many youngsters your age, AND, living in similar communities.

I hope my suggestions will help some.

Coach B.

thanks coach b that actually really really helped see in the rec yes i am pretty much number one and can get better by throwing harder but not anything else really and the older Legion team im starting 2nd basemen and i pitch ever time we have a game yes i am a reliever on this team but at the same time relieving is my biggest difficulties that i need to over come this league is helping me a lot. but the older guys have absolutely no heart to be out on the field the only guy out there actually trying the sophomores me and shawn and one 19 year old Justin u got a good outfield shawn good infielder me and a great hitter justin who has taught me a lot about the position.