Which is right?

I’m a righty so what is supposed to happen when I throw should my wrist supinate or pronate?

What pitches are we talking about?

just a regular fastball

No you don’t want to supinate or pronate on a fastball at all.

Ok well I just wanted to know because when i throw my 4seam fastball it doesn’t spin straight it spins on an angle a little bit. It’s tilted to the right some and I was wondering if this was bad or not.

If i understood what you meant, this would be pronating. Pronating a small amount shouldn’t do any damage.

I think I read somewhere that you should always pronate on a fastball. Or something like that

yeah i’ve heard people who say pronation is a good thing as well.

Even if you don’t pronate or supinate, the spin can be tilted due to arm slot.

Most people naturally pronate slightly on the fastball. Accentuation of that natural action is thought by some to relieve stress on the elbow. See Mike Marshall for more info.
Pronation comes on release as the last thing to touch the ball is the middle finger. In so doing, the hand slightly pronates.



Ive got a mate who does the same thing. He found it was to do with arm angle not the wrist angle. im guessing you throw 3/4?

Yea i kinda throw 3/4 -over the top.