Which is more beneficial

Since my baseball season is starting up soon… in about a month tryouts start. … do you think I should throw and run for workouts and do abs… or lift at the gym and do like heavy legs… and put in some miles as well.?

My opinion is that in the last month before tryouts you should back off on the weight training and start getting dialed in with your throwing.

In terms of how much you can gain in a month, for strength and power it is going to be moderate at best. The nature of strength training is such that it will take time for the progressive overload to result in higher numbers (ie. more weight lifted) and then it will take more time for the body to learn how to apply that new strength in specific movements. For example, it might take me 2 months to raise my squat from 200 to 250, but it might take another month or so before you see major results in a vertical jump test (it’s an oversimplified example, but you get the idea).

So, a good plan of attack for you at this point is just to keep things simple. If you want to do any strength work make sure it has some direct correlation to the production of raw power. Dont waste time doing leg curls or extensions, thousands of crunches, etc.
-Limited explosive strength exercises
Remember - intensity trumps quantity.

I agree with both of the previous members’ comments. Shorten up your running distances, focusing mostly on sprintwork. Vary it up on different days: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds. Rest twice as long as you “work.” So if you’re performing ten 15 second sprints, rest 30 seconds between each.

Then really focus on your throwing. You should be throwing 5 days a week from flatground (long tossing, to build durability). Then, when you feel ready, work your way off the mound, building up to 60 full speed pitches (90% fastballs) by the first day of practice. I think it’s really important to already be at 60 full speed pitches from the mound at Day 1 (which is 1 month away).

thanks for the input guys… but the thing is with throwing… i haven’t been long tossin really or airin it out… only a few times this off season… but i’ve been pitching b/c some of our pitchers are doing this clinic type thing with this kid who’s on the orioles… is that bad? i’m gonna start throwing tomorrow if the weather’s nice b/c up here in ct its been real crappy the past week or two… but another question would be is that if I do a leg workout… like squats on a bosu ball… leg press… 1 legged curls… step ups and these 2 machines for my hips (abductor and adductor) would that hurt me if I throw on sunday at the clinic?