Which glove and your favorite brand


Which color do you guys like, right now I’m inclined to the light tan color.

Also whats your favorite brand of glove?

I like the black one. Favorite glove brand is definitely mizuno.

Black Rawlings Pro Preferred. Quality can’t be beat. for catcher I recommend the All-Star model used by Varitek & Co. Very good quality with an iffy price at best.(300$)

that mizuno is S E X Y but my personal favorive is the TPX pro series… unfortunatly im 14 and broke so I have a easton that has been on this earth longer than I have

pitchers are smart hitters are barbarians
all pitchers are clever… exept roger clemons
-little lefty

I prefer Rawlings. Even though they’re hard as a rock when you first get them, they’re very durable and shape pretty easily.

For that model of glove I like the black version compared to the tan.

I used a Rawlings first base glove when I played. They seemed to fit my hand better than other gloves.

For the longest time you couldn’t get me out of a Wilson…1st baseman glove, outfielder…I was a Wilson Kool-aid drinker…
Then my old reliable blew up…I needed a glove…went and looked…found this incredible already broke in, supple…excellent baseball glove…it was a Mizuno. This happened roughly in the year 2000…It just blew up and discombobulated to death (We did try to re-string…but my youngest throws way too daggone fast and that experiment lasted about a week of heavy catch action).
My son and wife decided it would be nice if they replaced the poor thing for Fathers Day, mom of course let Andy make the purchase…his choice???
Rawlings Black :shock: Works good to this point…I can take his full velocity without whinning like I used to with the Mizuno (Friggin omg!!! ouch!!!)
Of course we’re talking about a kid who is on his second Rawlings custom :wink: (His is tan btw…nice…but way too much for a glove in my book…1st one was $350, 2nd was like $300)

I got a Rawlings Primo for 300 last year. Broken in pretty nice now, really like it but id still say my Nokona that I had before that got stolen was the nicest glove i’ve owned, the pocket was unreal for the middle infield and i never messed anything up on my backhand

black by mizuno