Which breaking ball to pick up?

I have been practicing a knuckle andgetting great action and my curve that ive tried isnt so great so discuss what are good breaking pitches and vote on what i should keep…

if somebody at least has no comment please vote thank you

When I got into playing, many moons ago, I discovered that I was a natural sidearmer with a good curve ball that came attached to that delivery—so you could say that the curve was the first pitch I picked up. I dodn’t have a fast ball to speak of, so I had to go right away to the “snake jazz”. I experimented with ways to change speeds, and I acquired a palm ball and a knuckle-curve, and when I was sixteen I learned how to throw the slider which in a very short time became my strikeout pitch. I was really lucky—the guy from whom I learned that slider was an active major-league pitcher (one of the Yankees’ Big Three rotation), and for a little over three years he worked with me and helped me become an even better pitcher than I had been.
I would say that the first breaking pitch anyone should pick up would be one with which he (or she) is comfortable and which suits the delivery. For many it’s the curve ball; for others it might be the slider or some other pitch. :slight_smile:

who was he

Adam, do you remember Ed Lopat? He was one of the greatest strategic pitchers in the history of the game, not much speed but he threw everything else, including the kitchen sink, and he had the control to go with it (the sportswriters used to say about him that he was wild if he walked more than two in a game). He doubled as an additional pitching coach for the Yanks, and he was ready and willing to work with anyone who was interested, who really wanted to know, and who was willing to work at it—be it Little Leaguer, teammate, pitchers on other clubs who needed some advice, or just someone like me who was pretty good but who wanted to be more effective on the mound. What I learned from him in the three-plus years we worked together was nothing short of priceless.
And all these decades it has stayed with me. 8) :slight_smile:

Well you stated you’ve been working with a knuckleball, I’ll tell you what the knuckleball can be an effective pitch, trust me I know. I can help you with the knuckleball if you would like to PM me or if you would like to add me on MSN charlie_cowell@hotmail.com and then you can also visit

i really would like to pick up the knuckle because ive used it and it has great movement and no stress on your arm so well see

It is also not very practical. There is a reason why very few MLB pitchers use it. Why does it have to be a 12-6 curve, and not maybe a 1-7 or even 2-8?

pesonnally I would go for the big curveball but I would go with what works best for me and for you this sounds like the knuckle ball

12-6 curve is the hardest to pick up and hit, but its also the hardest to throw

The biggest reason is because very few people know how to really throw one. So many people think to push or lob it when you don’t. And since very few know much about the knuckleball many people don’t want to put the time and effort into learning it.

Think about it, the people who actually have great knuckleballs have been successful in the MLB, Hough, Niekro Bros. Early Wynn, Hoyt Wilhelm, Wilbur Wood, Eddie Cicotte and of course the Wake.

i really dont know how to throw a good cuve teach Me?? Let me know 12-6 lol

when i get old enough to throw a breacking ball, i want to throw a slider. does anyone knoe the grip for that one?

wanna see a higher ratio of votes so vote and also write description if you feel like it

If I were you I’d pick up the 12-6 curve. When I’m hitting that’s harder to hit than the other 2. Most knuckleballs used as just an offspeed pitch aren’t thrown right and you can read them out of the hand easily, though if they’re thrown right with lots of movement they’re dynamite. As for the slider, I don’t face many of those (I’m 14), but the one’s I do aren’t great either. The one’s I do see I normally hit a pretty long way. :smiley:

keep the help comin people thanks to people so far

atever you feel best throwing

If you learn the knuckleball, which I can help you with and guys from the HQ can help you with it can be one hell of a pitch.

I do throw a curve along with my knuckler and my fastball but it’s not 12-6 because I pitch at a low arm angle, not quite sidearm but it’s not 3/4 either.