Wheybolic extreme 60

i went in to gnc the other day and the man working there seem to know alot about protien synthesis and intake. he said for gaining pure muscle strentgh,(not mass) that wheybolic extreme 60 was the way to go. you take it RIGHT after you workout and it contains leucine that helps rebuild the muscle quicker. so i bought 2 bottles anyway becuase it has 60 grams of protien a serving anyway. anyone ever used this stuff?

Never heard of wheybolic, but I have a thing of super cheap protein powder next to me and it has leucine in it. It’s a branched chain amino acid, along with isoleucine and valine (cheap protein has all three), but its not some kind of “magic protein.”

For the 60 grams per serving, thats probably a bit misleading depending on the serving size. Is it two scoops per serving?

Not trying to insinuate that you got hosed, just remember that salepeople get paid to sell you things.

Nevermind, serving size listed is 3 scoops. So 20 grams of protein per scoop. Thats actually a bit less than most.

It has 7.7 grams of leucine per serving. That equals roughly 2.56 grams per scoop. The cheap bucket of protein next to my desk has 2.75 grams of leucine per scoop. So, actually the cheap bucket of protein (that doesnt advertise anything about leucine on it) has more leucine in it than the wheybolic.

The price for this wheybolic stuff is crazy. It’s listed at $60 for 3lbs. I think I paid $30 for this 5 pound bucket. Please tell me the GNC guy gave you a deal… or something? If not, then yeah you did overpay.

Honestly, your body can’t even properly digest and absorb more than about 45 grams of protein in a two-hour period, so I’m not sure why you’d need this much protein anyways??

Companies like to advertise that their powder has more protein than other companies. Consumers equate more protein with better results, so thats how they sell it. The problem is that most of them just change the serving size to make it look like there is more protein. Protein per scoop is a more accurate measure.

i had a gnc card. i got 2 for 72 dollars. where do you get this “cheap protien” at?

You serious? you cant be. Just go look at other stores, or especially the internet. GNC is the most ridiculously over-priced store ever, even with the member card thing. Just try Optimum Nutrition brand. It takes good, works good, and mixes really well.

You can get 5lbs of Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey for 40 bucks. http://www.affordablesupplements.com/100whey3.asp

I haven’t looked around, but I’m sure you can find even better deals if you look.

The stuff KC just posted is good stuff. The price isn’t bad either.

when i was in gnc, i saw it there for like 70 bucks.haha