whey protein..........

About how long does it take (with working out) to see results from using whey protein drinks???

i’m assuming you mean getting some muscle definition and strength gains. it took us about 5 to 6 weeks training 6 days per week for 1 to 1.5 hrs per day.


wait, it took you 5-6 weeks with working out and whey protein drinks just to see the first results :?: , or max results?

TM, what were you expecting?

I’ve been using whey protein with creatine mixed into my diet for about 6 months, and I started seeing good results in about 3 weeks. But you have to train hard, and stick with your regimen and diet.

you are going to get results from working out hard, not directly from whey protein. whey protein is good becuase it helps you recover faster and it maximizes your workout. the harder you workout the more results you will get.

TM just so you know Whey protein isnt the cure all of your problems. It is a supplement as in it supplements your diet. Diet should be your first focus, you fix that by reading about nutrition and working on it. Whey protein will help you recover and help muscle to start repairing.

Just so you know and anyone else who might read this is that, you build bigger muscles, and strength when you rest. You dont get bigger when you work out. You break down muscle when you workout how can it ever build its self. Rest is what builds that muscle along with nutrition. Rest is probably the most often overlooked aspect of building muscle and performing at your best. Rest with proper nutrition and your in good shape. Whey protein is just a supplement to that.

I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week, i know it’s not magic. you have to actually do stuff to get results

So Tm you said in your first post how long does it take to see results. Well you have to think about that for a second. Is it the Whey protein or is it that your working out harder than before thats getting your results. If you are working out harder than before then its probably not the protein but your training intensity. Also you will see diffrent results with diffrent people. If your a ectomorph type body you might never see results. If your a endo-mesomorph type body you might see results, and if your a mesomorph type body well you could see results from about anything. There are alot of factors that come into play when your trying to gain strength and size.

Just so you know I’m not saying dont take Whey protein, but your nutrition has to be in order from the start to see results. There are alot of people with crappy training programs and great nutrition and see awesome results, and there are awesome programs and crappy nutrition and never see results. So which would you rather be. Whey is a supplement treat it that way.

what is a good nutritional diet?

Heres what I want you to do Tm make a list of what you think is considered healthy food. Then type it on the forum. Then we will distinguish between what is good for you and what is not.

Ok everybody, i know it’s just a protein drink and I know it’s not freakin magic :lol: But all i just wanted to know was if it helped get resultsfaster. i wasnt expecting it to but i was just curious.

I know it’s just like a nutrition supplement…anyways, i think someone asked for my diet so here it is everybody 8) 8) :slight_smile: 8) 8)


protein shake before school w/ 2 men’s mega men sport vitamins

Lunch at school

1 or two six inch meat and cheese subs, milk, an orange; and a fruit cup with pineapple, grapes, etc.

Snack 1

When i get home from school, i try to have like some type of fruit or something like that. No junk food.


It depends, i try to have some kind of meat or something with meat (when i say that i dont mean McDonalds or Burgerking or anything like that)

On workout days (4-5 a week) i lift between these meals

About 2 hours before bed

1 peanut butter sandwich or wheat toast with just peanut butter on it and a protein shake to drink.

So, i think my diet needs some work, all help will be appreciated. Feel free to criticize (spelling?) me on my diet if you want, but only if you offer advice after :wink:

BTW i’m starting a log about my diet progress, workouts, games, etc. tomorrow so whoever gives any advice here, i will give credit to in my log 8)


… no vegetables? That would probably be a good place to start.

Other than that, make sure you eat 30-45 minutes after you lift. The PB and protein shake would work well there. More protein from sources other than shakes is also something you should look at. Maybe have like half of a bbq’d chicken breast chopped over a salad (spinach rules) for a snack. Chicken breasts and tuna are extremely versatile protein sources, plus they are cheap.

every few days for my after school snack, i have vegetables. colliflower(spelling), carrots, and for supper (my favorite meal) BBQ chicken breast w/salad and mashed potatoes.


Potatoes dont count. :nono:
For post-workout carbs, then they are okay, but not something you want to consider as a healthy veggie choice.

Replacing regular lettuce with spinach is a good way to start adding more nutrional value to your food.

a good guide for eating vegetables is to incorporate as many different colors as you can into your diet. greens-spinach, romaine lettuce; reds-red bell peppers, tomatoes; orange-carrots, orange bell peppers; purple-onions and radish’s; etc. typically different colorings in fruits and vegetables indicate different vitamins, antioxidants, and such that each has in them. the more variety you get the more balanced your diet will be.

i usually take this whey powder from fantasticnutrition in vanilla with a bunch of peanut butter (without sugar) plus a chocolate cream with stevia. thats my protein booster.

i saw first results in 8 weeks but i just trained 3 times a week for an hour n was pretty fat :-p (thats 2 years ago thank god) cheers

Make sure you are eating enough calories and macros too. You need a certain amount of protein, carbs, fats, etc to see the results you want!