Whey Protein

hey guys whats up.

I have a question about whey protein.

First of all what exactly is whey protein and why should you use it.

I wanted to start taking whey protein maybe just in the morning just because i have an extreme problem trying to get any whole foods first thing in the morning.

Another important thing about whey protein:

If i start using whey protein and i get big overall, then lets say i got off of them for a while would i lose my muscle mass? Like is it like steriods or something like that.

I really need some help with this.

I take anywhere from 1-3 shakes per day. And it is NOTHING like steroids. It’s basically calories, protein, carbs, and any creatine or vitamins and minerals thrown in. I would recommend it 100%.

Whey protein is food. Think of it that way.

yeah like what he said do have a protein shake with a meal cause it already has calories