Whey Protein

omg guys i don’t know about you but i have asked a doctor and he told me it was a waste of money. Honeslty how much is that stuff like 30 dollars or something.

I like milk it has 9grams of protein for 1 cup. I drink 2 glasses of milk after i workout. My glasses in my house are pretty good. 1 glass equals to 500ml which is 2 cups. So ya 2 glasses of milk for me are 36 grams of protein. I only do this after my post workout because milk is digestable and digests quicker than whole foods such as tuna.

But i also have tuna during my lunch which equals about 50grams of protein which is a lot. I drink water during all of my 3 meals and during snacks i will have fruit and vegetables with a glass of milk which is 18grams. So ya i get my 150grams of protein by eating healthy foods.

Protein whey for me just feels like cheating or like steriod use. All you do is put the powder in your drink and stuff. I just don’t like that stuff.

But ya i put this post together for people who want a post workout meal and don’t want to use the whole whey protein stuff. Just have some milk which is digestable and have some fruit to because you want alot of carbs to on top of your protein.

Really hope this helps guys.

Milk has to much fat.

Whey protein is actually insanely cheap.

Its 30 bucks for like 2 pounds. What is that like, 70 cents an ounce?

milk has a little bit of fat but i think its a healthy fat. Anyways if you don’t like that then just get skim wilk or 0 percent milk. Either way.

Also milk is only like 3 dollars for 2 litres. Which is cheaps dude. So ya. Its all natural as well.

2 lbs has 29 servings in it. So that is pretty much a month. A gallon of milk with what you are drinking will last you only pretty much 4-5 days.

The amount of protein you take in should be as close to your body weight as possible. You can think of it as cheating but you are only cheating yourself and falling behind your competition

whey protein is like 30 dollars for 2lbs right.

MIlk i can get 36grams of protein for only 500ml.
I only use this for post workout meals. I workout monday-friday usually altering between legs, core, and upper body. So ya.

Milk will get me 4 days which is 3 dollars.
7 times 4 would get me to about 28 days which is close to a month which would cost 21 dollars. Which is 9 dollars cheaper than your stuff. Also my milk where i live is most expensive at 3 dollars on sale sometimes you can get it 2 for 4 dollars. So honesly you are saving your selve probaly 10-15 dollras a month. Also milk as alot of good nutrients that whey protein does not have. Whey protein is just strictly protein.

Why not have some good nutrious protein from milk. Also i am not slowing myself down. I topped out at 87mph this year and just turned 17 years old. I workout alot and am really strong.

Also i didn’t mean to argue i was just giving people another source if they are like me and don’t like buying products like whey because they think its cheating or for some other reason. Thats it.
So ya.

Ok well the link I posted had whey protein for 21.99
Plus you got other various uses for milk (cereal, and other various cooking)

Yes you can get protein from other sources, but taking in a protein shake is not cheating. some people just find that is the easiest way to take in their protein. For you maybe not.

Also I topped out at 92 when I was 17 and was just drafted. I’m not trying to argue or anything, just saying whey protein isn’t cheating

Hey guys I just topped out at 103 and Im 14, So I think what I say is more important than what you say.

Haha, Moving on…

There is nothing wrong with whey protein. There is nothing wrong with doing it your way either. Whey protein is convenient. Milk is as well. (Did you know were the only culture to drink another animals milk?) The way I see it, I would go for chocolate milk. It tastes a lot better and there is hardly more sugar compared to the white kind. Ask KyleB! (is he here anymore)

Personally, I think milk has too much sugar in it, but I still mix it with my protein along with 2 egg whites (overboard?). Regardless of how you do it, someone will be doing it differently. People have achieved results both ways. Stop bickering.

Love, Hoy

wait 103??? then why aren’t you in the major leagues…

ya don’t mean to argue or be mean or anything. Just posting on here in case other people would like another option. Just trying to help guys.

I recommend Biotest Metabolic Drive (Low Carb) for all our athletes. It’s a whey/casein blend so it’s not as easy to digest as pure whey, but our clients who need to bulk fast get awesome results. Plus, it’s a better option before bed as casein is loaded with glutamine (the most prevalent amino acid in muscle tissue) and will literally rebuild your body overnight.