Whey Protein Questions

I recently purchased Whey Protein to add to my diet. I don’t know exactly when to take the whey protein. Is it vital to take whey protein every day, or just on days that you work out?

Whats your goal?

If your goal is to gain muscle, take it after your workouts. That’s really the only time you need it. All other times of the day, have a slow-digesting carb with a lean protein. Nothing creates a good anabolic effect like eating actual food.

If you are trying to slim down I would not recommend getting a whey protein.

Thanks for the advice. Would it be necessary or even healthy if I took whey protein 5+ times a week after my daily baseball workout in the season?

Yea that’s fine.

whey protein is perfectly safe. I take whey protein first thing in the morning and after a workout. I take around 100-150g of protein from whey protein. the rest from actual foods. Really don’t matter how you get the protein, as long as you get it. Also i take whey 7 days a week.

That’s true, but if you can get it from whole foods you should do that.

Whey protein is just food. It has no special properties. Most people have to use it to get 1g protein/lb BW per day. No big deal.