Whey protein and creatine?

Should i take whey protein and creatine together. If so when should I take them???

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So you’re already taking creatine.

Are you already taking Protein too?

no im just taking creatine right but im wondering if it would help me more to take protein along with it. If so would i take creatine right after i workout (after school) and then protein later that night??

I havent seen anything that would lead me to believe that the timing of creatine intake is going to affect your recovery or performance. If you take 5 grams a day, every day then you should be fine.

Post workout is probably the best time to have a protein shake. Up to an hour after you finish your workout, the muscle is better able to take the nutrients and use them quickly. There is also info that pre-workout shakes work well too. Your preference on that one. Depending on your situation you can drink additional shakes during the day (when you wake up, or before bed if you want).

If you want to mix your creatine and protein together in a shake, that is fine. Just make sure there is no citrus.

What does the citrus do?

Citrus breaks down the creatine.

Never knew that, thanks for the info kc!