Whey protein and creatine

has anyone used whey protein adn creatine before? if yes which kind adn wat are some ofthe results?

well ive never used creatine, but i might start doing so. But pretty much everyone on here including myself have used whey protein, mostly shakes. I’ve seen results in my workouts, so I guess the protein is working. You just gotta be consistent with your workouts and of course your protein intake.

Whey Protein- good addition if you dont take in enough protein through whole foods.

Creatine- good for veteran lifters, or long term athletes. The benefits dont really help a casual lifter, or weekend warrior.

I would encourage you to start off by sorting out your diet and getting a solid workout plan in place. From a solid base of fitness, then you can start adding supplements and other things. I lifted for 4 years before trying whey protein, and did not try creatine until this year. In both cases the supplements helped, but not as much as I had expected. We tend to hope that a supp will solve all of our problems and propel us faster to our goals, but they are really just a tool to get to that end.

are both of them powder? and can you mix it with anyhting taht you eat or drink?

Whey is powder. According to the label, you can mix it with your favorite drinks. Some (like milk) work better than others (pretty much anything other than milk or water). There are some recipes floating around the internet on how to mix whey powder with instant pudding mix, or oatmeal, and various other things. For the most part whey is taken as a liquid.

Creatine can be liquid or pill form. Same deal as the whey with mixing it. The difference with creatine would be that you want to mix it into a sugary drink. Lots of people do grape juice because the sugar delivers it to the muscles faster. I did pill form and was pretty happy with that. It is up to personal preference I guess.

Creatine can be in powdered form, too. KC made a great point, before adding any new supplements, make sure you’re diet is down first.

I would avoid creatine in liquid form because it’s pretty much useless. You’ll just secrete as a waste product.

Stick to capsules or powder.

If you’re lactose intolerant, avoid proteins containing wpc, they’ll do more harm then good for you.

Good luck.

LoL. I have no idea why I wrote liquid… slip of the mind I guess. I meant to say powder, like barber pointed out. The liquid stuff is fairly useless at the moment. Only the weird varieties like CEE comes in liquid right now.

I take Muscle Milk (which the chocolate milk is delicious)

I took it and i saw a little weight gain and even with a very strict workout and 1 shake a day I noticed that my mid section got a little “flabbier” :lol:

I have been told by a nutritionist at Indiana State that you can have too much protein in the body and it can have an adverse effect.

Quite a few of other baseball players have said this has happened to them too. I just stopped taking it. I think if your diet is right you dont need supplements.

Ryan, I need to send you some Gf Pro Cherry protein, trust me, the minute you try this stuff, you’ll love it.

With water it tastes okay, but with milk! wow. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried it with ice cream, but it would probably make for a nice treat.

By the way, good job this summer playing for the oilers!

Also, does your college supply muscle milk? I know Cytosport released a Muscle Milk Collegiate that’s avaiable for college athletes?

No they dont provide the Muscle Milk for us, but I will definitly look into that protein.

Thank you, I had a blast in Alaska/playing for the oilers. It was an awesome experience.

I wouldn’t touch Muscle Milk, it has so many different chemicals in it that can be harmful to your body. I stick with Gold Standard cheap and quality protein.

I have been told by countless nutritionalists that it is good for you, and it is the best. The weight coaches at my institution even told me it was.

  • it tastes good :o

I was sponsored by Cytosport my second year in pro ball. Muscle Milk tasted good, but I was always skeptical that it didn’t contain more fat than was on the label. Basically, if it tastes that good, there’s got to be something more in it. I did take it, however, because it was free and plentiful.

I think of all the protein shakes I’ve taken – and it’s a lot – I preferred AdvoCare’s POS line. I was sponsored by them my third year in pro ball but took their stuff on my own in College. It’s pricey. Sometimes you can find the stuff on eBay if you don’t know a distibuter.

Many of the Cubs big leaguers use AdvoCare – but then again, they’re not paying for it, so I don’t know if that’s a good indication of whether they’d actually use it if they had to buy it on their own.

Bottom line: Go with what tastes good and what you can afford.

I don’t know what type of nutritionist would tell u that i mean for one it has more fat in it then any other protein thats why it tastes so good…but heres a link that tells u whats in it


Muscle milk Collegiate does not contain glycocamine; that’s one of the reasons why it was released.

The ingredient has pretty much been beaten to death on the bodybuilding.com boards, and some companies have even taken it out of there products, a la green bulge by CL.

Glycocamine is quite controversial.

If one were to put it in there products, they combine it wit betaine, or something to that effect at a 4:1 ratio.

That’s just what I’ve learned through my research though. I’m no where near knowledgeable enough to discuss it on my own.

Anyways, in my mind, I would just stick to procducts that do not contain it. I’m not exactly sure why they even put it in muscle milk, but who knows.

If one were to use muscle milk as a pre bed replacement, I would say there are other proteins out there that are better to use. For example, xtreme formulations ultra peptide.

One of the best pre bed proteins out there.

For post workout, depending on if you’re lactose intolerant. I would consume a high quality wpi. Ergopharm GF Pro is one I recommend due to the fact the cherry flavor they have is awesome, and the ingredients in the product are top notch.

Not to mention, ergopharm is a respectable company.

50 dollars for 5 lb container, but definitely worth it.