Whey protein and creatine

I have whey protein along with creatine. They are the same brand and are supposed to be used together.

My question is, if you work out 5 days a week, is it safe to be using both supplements all those days after a workout? If so, how should you take them, mixed or in two separate drinks?

From my experiences with both products, Creatine is pre-workout where as the Whey Protein is post work out. Although when I did use Creatine, I got bigger quick, but once I was off of it, I shrunk down somewhat. I have been told Creatine just puts a lot of water weight in your muscles, not sure if it is true or not though. Preferably, I would just use the protein as a post workout supplement along with a balanced diet. That is what I have done and found to get the most satisfying results.

Your muscles grow faster when they are filled with water. Creatine floods your muscles with water and allows them to grow faster. I think you should take creatine with protein to maximize results since protein repairs and helps rebuild your muscles. Creatine should also be cycled on and off so you don’t plateau.

If it is supposed to be used on and off, how many days should I use it a week?