Whey for definition and toning?

A friend of mine told me about taking it, but I wasn’t sure about using it.

anyone one here like to show me some guidence?

I posted this is another thread earlier this week but it is basically what you are looking for:

Lifting weights causes muscular breakdown (assuming you are overloading the muscle—which is the ONLY way to create the overload response that makes us stronger). You are literally causing microscopic tears in the fibers (hence the soreness). Your body attempts to rebuild these tears (injuries, really) by filling them with amino acids. The only source of essential amino acids is protein broken down from the foods & supplements we ingest.
It is CRITICAL that ANY person lifting weights replenish their bodies with amino acids immediately after lifting. You have a 30-minute window after resistance excercise that is the most critical nutritional time of the entire day…………….even moreso then waking up (which is also critical and often overlooked). Liquid aminos or liquid protein (protein shake) are the preferred method due to their ready availability to enter the bloodstream rapidly.
A steak, for example, has to be digested before the protein can be broken down & amino acids extracted to enter the bloodstream.
Additionally, whey protein is better then egg protein (as an example) because it digests at a MUCH faster rate.

By FAILING to replenish this, your body is forced to leech the amino acids it need to heal the injuries from other protein sources—your muscles.


The whey is great for muscle gains and the casein protein is great for keeping those gains.